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Deimos is the third open world area added to Warframe. It also replaces the old Orokin Derelict missions with matching-making friendly missions. In the Necralisk, the hub for Deimos, you can meet up with other players and pick up quests and objectives. These quests are normally done in the Cambion Drift, the battle area of Deimos. Below are our major guides related to Deimos.



There are two major syndicates on Deimos: the Entrati and Necraloid. The Entrati Syndicate is the first syndicate you will interact with, and provide most of the normal content for the Cambion Drift including bounties, conservation, and fishing. The Necraloid Syndicate is the “hidden” syndicate for this area, requiring the player to have progressed the story and be a high Mastery Rank to really interact with.

Fishing & Conservation

Like the other open world areas, Deimos includes Fishing and Conservation objectives. These systems are integral to progression with the Entrati Syndicate. These systems deviate from how they are implemented in other areas like Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis.