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Deimos Conservation – How to Earn Son Tokens

Conservation is more of a required system on Deimos than it has been for Cetus or Fortuna. You will need to do at least a bit of it to capture the Purple Velocipods needed to unlock the Helminth. Conservation is also the primary way to earn Son tokens for Entrati Syndicate standing. Luckily, if done correctly, it is easier than ever.

This guide will show you quick ways to nab animals in the Cambion Drift.

Conservation required items

Some targets are actually faster to capture without lures. For this reason, you only need lures if you are looking specifically for Avichaea or the rare Vulpaphyla or Predasite. Cryptilex break about even on random spawns and targeted hunting, so pick which you prefer.

You will need a way to put the animals to sleep. The Tranq Rifle from Son in the Necralisk or The Business in Fortuna works well for this, as it also allows you to more easily scan for capturable creatures. However, I find that Equinox‘s Rest & Rage (in night form, Rest), modded for range and efficiency, is the easiest way to sleep groups of creatures. You can also use Ivara’s sleep arrows or Baruuk’s Lull, but Equinox is better.

An Arcwing Launcher will make this farm much quicker. Be sure to bind it to a hotkey as you’ll be swapping in and out of it often.

Vulpaphyla and Predasite

The easiest way to find both Vulpaphyla and Predasite is to fly around the edges of the map. Using your Tranq Rifle, you can easily spot them. Stay a bit outside of the map and look in to limit how much zoomed in movement you need to do.

The rare Panzer Vulpaphyla and Medjay Predasite do spawn from this strategy, but if you are targeting specifically them, it is likely better to pheromone a Call Point instead.

Most conservation targets glow in the zoomed Tranq Rifle


Velocipods are a bit different than other Conservation targets. They do not glow in the Tranq Rifle, so you will have to look for them the normal way. Luckily they stand out pretty well, and aren’t too hard to spot (though I do confuse the purple Infested for them sometimes…). They also cannot be captured while slept by a Warframe ability like Rest. You will have to shoot them with the Tranq Rifle for the option to capture them to appear.

They spawn in groups of one to three in specific areas of the map. If you are hunting them in particular, you can go a few Arcwing blinks away and come back to try for a spawn again. Bouncing between the purple and green spawn locations is far enough.

Velocipods don’t glow in the Tranq Rifle


Cryptilex can be found on the normal Vulpaphyla and Predasite route, but are not as common, and a bit harder to spot while moving so fast. If you are targeting Cryptilex specifically, it might be best to do normal Lure hunting. Their Start Points are usually away from the edges of the Cambion Drift.

The number you’ll capture with these two approaches is comparable, so its up to you on which you prefer.


Avichaea are the rarest Conservation targets. They can be found now and then when doing the Vulpaphyla and Predasite route, normally in the SW corner of the map (Cerebrum Magna), but mostly only in their common form. If you are targeting them, Cerebrum Magna has a chance to spawn a Conservation Start Point for them.

Unfortunately, not only is the Call Point difficult to find, sometimes the Avichaea spawned will be very hard to find. Check on the roof on the structure, check inside the structure, check around the structure. Remember that they do glow in the zoomed in Tranq Rifle.

Since they are such a pain to find, do a quick check of Cerebrum Magna (mainly on top of it) when running the Vulpaphyla and Predisite route.

The Avichaea Call Points can be tough to find


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  1. Znuff Avatar

    The Avichaea ALWAYS spawns, at the Cerebrum point, but 1/3 of the times, it spawns INSIDE the Cerebrum’s walls, making it impossible to hit.

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