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How to Get Spinal Core Sections

Three Spinal Core Sections are required to rank up with the Entrati Syndicate. This guide will show you the quickest way to get them.

Spinal Core Section Locations

Fishing: Chondicord and Vitreospina

The most consistent way to get Spinal Core Sections is to catch the fish that contain them. The Chondicord and the Vitreospina both contain them. Both of these fish are found in caves in the Cambion Drift on Deimos.

They are uncommon fish, so using Fass residue will help make them spawn more often, but is not required. Bait is obtained by breaking the Foss and Vome residue containers that spawn when the worm cycle changes.

Once you catch them, you can turn them into materials by using the “Cut Fish” option at Daughter in the Necralisk. Chondicord give two Spinal Core Sections when cut and Vitreospina give one.

Chondicord Vitreospina
Cycle Fass Fass and Vome
Residue Fass Fass
Location Cave Cave
Segments 2 1
Spinal Core Sections

Fishing is most efficient in hotspots. Cave hotpots can be found in a few specific caves in the Cambion Drift. My personal favorites are marked in the picture below. The large NW cave contains three close potential hotspots and the Southern cave contains two.

For more on Deimos fishing, check our our Deimos fishing guide.

Large NW cave has three potential hotspots close together, Southern cave has two

Scavenging: Sagiant Entrati Caskets

The other, less consistent, way to obtain sections is to break open Sagiant Entrati Caskets. These containers have a chance to drop rare fish materials and gems. It shouldn’t take too long to get a few sections from breaking these open, but you can get unlucky.

Sagiant Entrati Caskets can be found in the Cambion Drift wherever the old Orokin structures are poking through the infestation. Any spot that doesn’t look like fleshy, infested terrain has a chance to spawn these containers.

Sagiant Entrati Caskets can contain rare fish items


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