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Deimos Fishing – How to Earn Daughter Tokens

Deimos fishing is the primary way to earn Daughter Tokens for the Entrati Syndicate. Fish you have caught can by cut by talking with Daughter, giving you the base materials from them. These materials are traded for Daughter Tokens and used in several blueprints.

Check out this Excel file for the full list of data on Deimos fishing.

Download Deimos Fishing [Excel] (Updated 2020-09-14)

Deimos fishing required items

At a minimum, you will need some type of fishing spear to catch fish. These are purchased in Cetus, Fortuna, or the Nekralisk for standing from those respective syndicates. The ones you will want for fishing on Deimos are the Spari or Ebisu Spears sold by Daughter. The Ebisu does more “damage” to the fish, guaranteeing a single hit gets you the fish, but the cheaper Spari spear one-shots most Deimos fish too.

The reason you want one of these spears is that they pierce through the exocrine (Deimos’s version of water) and hits the fish inside it. Other spears will not be able to hit the fish swimming in the exocrine.

Purchase a spear from Daughter

You will also want plenty of Luminous Dye. Luminous dye highlights the fish, making the fish much easier to see and easier to catch.

Luminous dye can be replaced by the Oxylus once you earn Max Rank with Solaris United in Fortuna. The Oxylus has a precept called Scan Aquatic Lifeforms that simulates the effects of Luminous Dye for free.

However, this free version is not necessarily better than normal Luminous Dye. As a sentinel, it acts in order of its precepts. Therefore, if it has something else to do, it won’t necessarily mark the fish as quickly as a normal dye would. It also takes the spot of your companion, which you may want to be a Smeeta Kavat for the rare chance at double fish and Conservation tags from Charm.

Fish are a lot easier to see with Luminous Dye

If you are after specific fish, you will want Foss and Vome residues. These items increase the uncommon fish spawn rate. These basic residues are picked up by breaking the Fass and Vome items that appear in the worm influence zones around the Cambion Drift. A great way to farm these along with other materials is to run Isolation Vaults.

Processed Fass and Vome Residue can be purchased from Daughter with standing. This bait will spawn the two rarest fish. Since rarer fish give rarer cut materials, you will earn more daughter tokens by catching rare fish.

With enough Rank, you can purchase Processed Residue from Daughter

Deimos fishing hotspots

Rare fish are found more often in hotspots. Hotspots on Deimos can be identified by an aurora type effect over the exocrine. These hotspots can be found above ground and in caves. Hotspots eventually change, so make sure you are always fishing in a current hotspot.

Hotspots can be identified by a shining aurora effect above the exocrine

Only some of the caves can contain cave hotspots. I find that the large cave slightly NW of the center ususally has at least one hot spot in its three close potential spawn points. If there are none there, there should be at least one in the Southern cave. Other caves contain hotspots as well, but these are the ones I use.

Large NW cave has three potential hotspots close together, Southern cave has two

The Oxylus Precept Scan Aquatic Lifeforms also shows hotspots on the map, but you need to be close to them already. It also doesn’t work while in your Archwing since your companion is not active.

Fass and Vome cycle

Different fish spawn during the different cycles. You can tell what the current cycle is by looking at which worm is up, which residue is scattered across the Cambion Drift, or by looking at the map. For instance: when the cycle is currently “Vome,” the blue worm Vome will be glowing the in distance, orange Fass residue will be all over the ground, and the map will say “Fass in …” in the bottom right.

In this picture, it is currently Vome

Where to catch each fish

The following table shows which fish spawn during which cycle, which bait to use, and where to find them. This data and more can be found in this Excel file.

Materials from cutting fish

Daughter does not trade Daughter Tokens for the fish themselves, but rather their parts. These parts can be obtained by breaking down fish using the “Cut Fish” interaction with Daughter. The Excel file shows what each fish turns into when cut.

Cut your fish into parts to trade with Daughter for Daughter Tokens


2 responses to “Deimos Fishing – How to Earn Daughter Tokens”

  1. Bebras Avatar

    consistently getting Chondricord during Vome in cave hotspots with Vome residue as bait

  2. Steppin Avatar

    Great guide, thank you for your work. I noticed that there is one fish missing from your list though. It is the Aquapulmo, Itโ€™s found during vome, and requires processed Vass residue.