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Necraloid Syndicate – Heart of Deimos

SPOILERS AHEAD – Complete “Heart of Deimos” and “The Second Dream” before reading on.

The Necraloid Syndicate is one of two syndicates introduced with the Heart of Deimos update to Warframe. Much like the Quills and Vox Solaris, this is a “secret” syndicate alongside the Entrati Syndicate that is targeted toward higher mastery rank players. This syndicate is primary involved with creating and upgrading your own Necramech. It also unlocks addition lore about the Void.

Unlocking the Necraloid syndicate

You will need to complete the introductory quest “Heart of Deimos” to unlock the new hub, the Necralisk. Once you have done this, you can interact with Loid in the back room. To pass through the gate, you will need to be in your Operator form.

Talk with Loid in the back room of the Necralisk

You do not need to max your standing with the Entrati Syndicate to work on this syndicate. However, you will need to trade in blueprints to rank up with the Necraloid syndicate. These blueprints are purchased with standing at high enough rank from Father, so your Necralisk standing won’t be able to surpass your current Entrati rank.

While there is no Mastery rank requirement tied directly to the syndicate, the blueprints for ranking up do require a high mastery rank to purchase. Rank 1 to 2 requires a mastery rank 11 blueprint. Rank 2 to 3 requires a mastery rank 14 blueprint.

Earning standing with the Necraloid syndicate

Necraloid standing is earned by trading in tokens. There are three tiers of tokens, each worth different amounts of standing:

Tier Name Value
T1 Orokin Orientation Matrix 1,000 Standing
T2 Orokin Ballistics Matrix 2,500 Standing
T3 Orokin Animus Matrix 5,000 Standing
Necraloid syndicate turn-in value

You can have as many of these tokens on you as you want, but can only turn in up to your maximum daily standing each day. This means you can farm as many tokens as you want on any given day without hitting the standing cap, turning them in on subsequent days.

Tokens are earned through Isolation Vault bounties. The Tier 1 Isolation Vault bounty can be picked up from Mother in the Necralisk. This bounty and its subsequent tiers award the Orokin Matrices needed for standing with the Necraloid syndicate.

Talk with Mother and do the Isolation Vault bounty

Ranking up with the Necraloid syndicate

Rank 0 (Neutral) -> Rank 1 (Agnesis)

Rank 1 (Agnesis) -> Rank 2 (Modus)

Rank 2 (Modus) -> Rank 3 (Odima)

Necraloid syndicate rewards

Voidrig Necramech

The Necraloid Syndicate is currently the only way to earn a Necramech. You will need at least Mastery Rank 14 to earn the Rank of Modus in the Necraloid Syndicate. Once you reach Modus, you can buy the parts needed to build your Voidrig Necramech from Loid in the back room.

To craft a Voidrig Necramech, you will need to buy the main blueprint from Loid. It is 5000 standing, but is also an option when ranking up to Modus (Rank 2).

As requirements for the main blueprint, you will need to build four components. The Casing, Engine, Capsule, and Weapon Pod Blueprints from can be purchased for 2000 standing each from Loid at the Agnesis (Rank 1). These components require damaged parts of the respective component. Damaged parts can be found from defeated Necramechs found around Cambion Drift or when delving into Isolation Vaults.

Remember that Necramechs leave corpses that can be Desecrated by Nekros for another chance at a drop. Damaged parts are also effected by resource boosters and can be traded, so you may be able to pick up one for a friend too.

Lore – Requiem symbols

Increasing your rank with the Necraloid and the Entrati syndicates unlocks new lore about the symbols on requiem mods. This lore can be read from the multiple terminals behind Loid in the backroom of the Necralisk. You can read my analysis of the lore along with the quotes themselves here.


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