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Vulpaphyla Companion – Differences & How to Obtain

The Vulpaphyla is one of the two new companions you can get from the Entrati Syndicate, the second being the Predasite. You will need to have completed the quest “Heart of Deimos” to obtain a Vulpaphyla.

There are three different versions of Vukpaphyla that you can obtain. This guide will show you how to get all three of them and show you their differences.

What’s special about the Vulpaphyla

Each of the three subspecies of Vulpaphyla have two unique mods. These mods can only be equipped by their specific subspecies. These mods are the most important consideration, unless you’re really into aesthetics, in choosing a Vulpaphyla as your companion.

Their cosmetics are also unique from other Kavats, though the physical differences between the three subspecies are few. The Mutagen and Antigen that you use adds or removes a few different cosmetic options for them (see the Mutagen/Antigen section below for pictures).

How to get a Vulpaphyla

You can view the three required materials by talking to Son in the Necralisk and selecting “Vulpaphyla Revivification.” Earning your Vulpaphyla requires you to be at least Rank 1 with the Entrati Syndicate, but you unlock additional options for them up to Rank 4.

Talk with Son to “build” your Vulpaphyla

Weakened Vulpaphyla

Follow the Vulpaphyla and Predasite route in our Deimos Conservation Guide to find Vulpaphyla. You will need a “weakened” Vulpaphyla in order to revivify it into a companion. It will be considered weakened if it gets in a fight with the local Infested.

You will still need to tranquilize it to capture it. You should be able to find all three weakened subspecies fast enough with the route, but if needed, you can force a weakened version by using Nyx to Mind Control it and force it to fight. If you use the Nyx strategy, getting into your Archwing will remove Mind Control without the damage at the end that might otherwise kill it. Once it is not Mind Controlled, you can shoot it with the Tranq Gun like normal.

Mind Control and sleep from Equinox, Ivara, and Baruuk are all Helminth abilities. A Warframe with both of these would be able to force a fight to weaken the target, go in and out of Archwing to remove the Mind Control once the animal was injured, and then put it to sleep for an easy capture.

Vulpaphyla that are injured by Infested become weakened

Mutagen and Antigen

You will need at least one Mutagen and one Antigen to revivify a Vulpaphyla. These are crafted in the Foundry using blueprints purchased from Son in the Necralisk. Each blueprint only needs to be purchased once.

Once purchased, you can use that blueprint to make as many of that item as you would like, given you have the materials. Two of the items needed to craft Mutagen and Antigen are items found around the Cambion Drift. The other two items come from Deimos fishing.

There are four Mutagens and four Antigens to choose from, each effecting your Vulpaphyla in small ways.


Your new Vulpaphyla will need to be Gilded to unlock its true potential. Once it reaches Rank 30, you can select “Experimental Procedures” at Son to find the option to gild your Vulpaphyla. Gilding will cost 10 Son Tokens. This will permanently increase its base stats but also reset it back to Rank 0.

Ranking your Vulpaphyla up again will earn Mastery Points for the first of each subspecies you rank up. Once at Rank 30, you can use Forma on it to change its polarities. Gilding your companion will also allow you to install an Orokin Reactor to boost its mod capacity.


The different choices for Mutagens affect which type of health your Vulpaphyla has. Each of these different types of health has different weaknesses and resistances. Mutagen also changes the cosmetic look of its tail.


The Antigen is mostly a cosmetic choice, adding a new feature to your Vulpaphyla. It also determines which mod polarity it starts with, but this is not a permanent choice as it can be modified by Forma.