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Entrati Syndicate – How to Earn Standing

SPOILERS AHEAD! Complete the quest “Heart of Deimos” before continuing.

The Entrati Syndicate is the main syndicate on Deimos, the other being the Necraloid Syndicate. Many weapons and cosmetics are earned through standing with the Entrati Syndicate. This guide will show you the best way to earn Entrati Syndicate standing.

Earning Standing with the Entrati Syndicate

Standing is earned by turning in family tokens. You can only turn in tokens up to your daily standing limit, dictated by your Mastery Rank. Each token has a different value and acquisition method. Click on any token to see the best ways to earn that type.

Token Standing
Mother Token 100
Father Token 100
Otak Token 100
Daughter Token 100
Son Token 500
Grandmother Token 1500

Each family member offers tokens for helping them collect items they are interested in. These items are all obtained by doing different tasks on Deimos. The number of tokens you receive is generally reflective of the rarity of the items. Their selection changes every few hours, so check back at each to see what you can trade in.

In a general sense, the best way to farm Entrati standing is to have a diverse selection of items ready for turn-in. Unless you need the tokens immediately, try not to trade off your last few of any item; you may find a better use for that item on the next set of turn-ins.

Ranking up with the Entrati Syndicate

Talk with Mother to see what you need to rank up

The Entrati Syndicate has six different ranks, rank 0 (Neutral) through rank 5 (Family). Each new rank opens new items that can be purchased. For instance, to unlock your Helminth, you will need Rank 3 (Associate).

To rank up with the syndicate, you will need to max out your current standing limit. In addition to that max standing, you will also need to sacrifice a number of items to rank up:

Rank 1 (Stranger)

Rank 2 (Acquaintance)

Rank 3 (Associate)

Rank 4 (Friend)

Rank 5 (Family)

Mother Tokens

Mother tokens are mainly earned from bounties, similar to Cetus and Fortuna. Rather than bounties awarding a flat amount of standing, you are instead given an equal amount of Mother Tokens. This means that you can farm as many as you want without regard for the daily standing limit and turn them in on subsequent days.

Mother’s bounties also offer many other types of rewards, some of which are exclusive to these missions. Xaku blueprint parts, the Carnis, Jugulus, and Saxum set mods, and the Quassus Warfan blueprint.

Mother also offers a special type of bounty, isolation vaults, that award a wide variety of items that can be turned in to other family members. These vaults are the best way to get the items needed for the Necraloid Syndicate.

Bounties are the best way to earn Mother Tokens

Father Tokens

Father Tokens are earned by turning in the many materials you find around the Cambion Drifts. If you focus on breaking everything you see while you’re out working on other family member items, you likely won’t have any shortage of most of these materials.

The only material that may be a bit of a roadblock is the rare Scintillant items that are possible rewards from Mother’s bounties. You’ll also want to hold onto a few Fass and Vome residue for Deimos fishing. As long as you check in often, you can skip farming these and just turn in the easy stuff.

Break all the containers you find while doing other family member tasks on Deimos

Otak Token

Otak is interested in items obtained from mining which can be mined all over Deimos. These gems and minerals are also used in most of the blueprints on Deimos, so be sure to hold onto a few for yourself.

To target minerals and gems specifically, equip your mining laser and head into one of the many caves in the Cambion Drift. The mining nodes can sometime be hard to interact with since they will generally be on pulsating surfaces. If you can’t find the node you are looking for relatively quickly, move on to the next; there are plenty out there.

You can also earn a lot of minerals and gems just by running Isolation Vaults.

Caves and Isolation Vaults are the best place to find minerals and gems for Otak

Daughter Tokens

Daughter collects fish parts in exchange for her tokens. These are obtained by using the “Cut Fish” option from her. This will turn your caught fish into the parts she is looking for. If you are looking to buy the trophies from her, you’ll need the largest size version of the fish, so don’t cut your prize catches.

Cut fish at Daughter to obtain the parts she wants

The rarer fish are generally worth more tokens than the common ones, so aiming for them is the best way to earn Daughter Tokens. Above ground hotspots spawn different fish than cave hotspots, so change up where you are fishing to get a more diverse set of fish. Check out the full guide on Deimos fishing for more information on how to catch the fish you’re looking for.

Fish parts can also be obtained from Isolation Vaults.

Catch rare fish in hotspots around Cambion Drift to earn Daughter Tokens

Son Tokens

Son Tokens require you to engage with Warframe’s conservation system. You will need to subdue and capture animals around the Cambion Drifts and trade their tags in to Son for his tokens. Conservation on Deimos is also needed to unlock your Helminth, Entrati rank, and cosmetic floofs, so don’t trade away all of your tags.

The most guaranteed, though slow, way to catch the animals you are looking for is to buy a Tranq Rifle and the lure for the species you are looking for from Son. This will allow you to start the conservation mini-game.

The fastest way to earn Son tokens is to trade in tags from the common Predasites all over the Cambion Drifts. The other animal’s tags can be good too, but you might want to save them for other rewards. Check out our more detailed guide on Deimos Conservation for a map of a suggested route and more info on the other types of animals.

Each animal requires a different strategy for efficient capture

Grandmother Tokens

Grandmother collects the tokens of other family members. Her tokens generally multiply the value of tokens given to her by 1.5 their normal standing value. For instance, 10 Mother Tokens normally worth 1000 Entrati Standing can be turned in to Grandmother for a single Grandmother token worth 1500 Entrati Standing.

Because she collects other tokens, earning Grandmother tokens is best achieved by collecting other family member tokens. She gives you a reason to try to hold onto your tokens in an effort to eventually increase their value.

She can ask for only one specific family member’s token or up to every family member’s token, so having a large supply of each token is the best way to earn Grandmother Tokens.

A diverse selection of each family member’s token is the best way to earn Grandmother Tokens