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Helminth Abilities Full List

This guide will dive deeper into each of the Helminth abilities and discuss its usefulness with other Warframes. Check out our other Helminth guides for an overview of the new system or how to unlock the Helminth.

Abilities by usefulness

Full list of Helminth abilities

Helminth leveling abilities

Name Description
Empower Increase the power and strength of your next ability
Energy Munitions Imbue your weapons with ammo efficiency
Infested Mobility Increase your sprint and parkour speed
Marked for Death Stun an enemy, next damage you deal to it will be dealt to all enemies around it
Rebuild Shields Instantly restore shields
Perspicacity Your next hack will be automatic
Companion Heal Heal your companion and call it to your side
Expedite Suffering Hit enemies in a cone, affected enemies will have their Bleed (Slash?) and Toxic status removed and their remaining damage dealt in a burst
Helminth specific abilities

Warframe subsume abilities

Warframe Ability Augment Notes Usefulness
Rhino Roar Piercing Roar 30% Unmodded Very High
Mirage Eclipse Total Eclipse Very High
Wukong Defy Very High
Atlas Petrify Ore Gaze No Rubble High
Chroma Elemental Ward Everlasting Ward High
Ember Fire Blast Healing Flame High
Equinox Rest & Rage Calm & Frenzy Energy Color High
Hildryn Pillage Blazing Pillage 50 Energy High
Ivara Quiver Empower Quiver High
Nidus Larva Larva Burst High
Nova Null Star Neutron Star High
Octavia Resonator Conductor High
Saryn Molt Regenerative Molt High
Titania Spellbind Spellbound Harvest High
Trinity Well of Life Pool of Life High
Valkyr Warcry Eternal War High
Xaku Xata’s Whisper High
Yareli Aquablades High
Banshee Silence Savage Silence Medium
Caliban Sentient Wrath Medium
Excalibur Radial Blind Radiant Finish Medium
Gara Spectrorage Spectrosiphon Medium
Garuda Blood Altar Medium
Grendel Nourish Nourish Strike Medium
Khora Ensnare Medium
Nezha Fire Walker Pyroclastic Flow Medium
Oberon Smite Smite Infusion Medium
Revenant Reave Blinding Reave Medium
Volt Shock Shock Trooper Medium
Ash Shuriken Seeking Shuriken Low
Baruuk Lull Endless Lullaby Low
Harrow Condemn Tribunal Low
Hydroid Tempest Barrage Corroding Barrage Low
Inaros Desiccation Desiccation’s Curse Low
Limbo Banish Rift Haven Low
Loki Decoy Savior Decoy Low
Mesa Shooting Gallery Muzzle Flash Low
Nyx Mind Control Mind Freak Low
Protea Dispensary Low
Vauban Tesla Nervos Tesla Bank Low
Wisp Breach Surge Low
Zephyr Airburst Low
Frost Ice Wave Ice Wave Impede Very Low
Gauss Thermal Sunder Very Low
Mag Pull Greedy Pull Very Low
Nekros Terrify Creeping Terrify Very Low