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Full list of Helminth abilities

Check out the full list here and see which ones we consider best and worst.

Unlocking the Helminth

Check out our guide on how to unlock the Helminth for your Orbiter.

What is the Helminth system

The Heart of Deimos introduced a brand new system to Warframe. The Helminth system allows you to change a Warframe’s abilities to another one. For example, this system allows Excalibur to use Volt’s Shock (#1). To unlock these abilities, you will have to sacrifice, or subsume, one of your Warframes. The new ability overwrites one of the Warframe’s other abilities, chosen by the player. You can only add one new ability to a Warframe at a time.

Replace your Warframe’s existing abilities

How to unlock abilities – Subsuming your Warframes

There are two ways to unlock abilities for your Helminth.

New Helminth abilities

There are all new abilities exclusive to this system that you can unlock by leveling up your Helminth. Feeding it your excess materials will level it up and unlock these new abilities.

Existing Warframe abilities

In addition to the new abilities, one ability from every Warframe can also be learned. You will need to unlock these existing Warframe abilities. To do this, you will need to sacrifice, or subsume, that Warframe to the Helminth. This will destroy the Warframe. After 24 hours, this process will unlock the ability of that Warframe on your account forever. The ability you unlock cannot be chosen; it will always be a specific ability for that Warframe, chosen by the devs.

Prime Warframes cannot be subsumed. This gives a new use for the non-prime versions of Warframes that become inferior when their prime versions come out. Veteran players will have to rebuild most of the old Warframes they’ve already replaced.

Sacrifice your Warframes to unlock their abilities

Replacing Warframe abilities

You can replace one Warframe ability with any abilities you have unlocked. The cost of adding an ability to a Warframe can be seen by selecting the ability from the menu. Adding new abilities will require you to feed the Helminth resources.

Replace any ability

The new ability works just like it does on the original Warframe. This means that ability augment mods will work on the new Warframe. When adding a new ability, you can choose which loadouts to apply it to. This will allow you to quickly swap between different abilities using the loadout system.

Different loadouts can have different abilities

Feeding the Helminth

All resources in the game can be fed to the Helminth, each with an innate type. There are six different resource categories, and each resource falls into one of these six categories. Feeding the Helminth the same resource multiple times in a row will reduce the amount gained by that resource. Feeding it diverse materials will maximize the value of those materials.

A diverse diet makes Helminth happy