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Helminth Usefulness: Medium

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Good on certain Warframes or OK on most Warframes

Banshee: Silence

Stealth is not a playstyle I ususally use, but Silence it a great addition to sneaky strategies. The initial stun from this ability leaves enemies open to finishers and they are effected by the stealth multiplier. The augment for this ability, further increase the lethality of finishers, making silence a good addition to a finisher based build.

Since the guaranteed kill from daggers has been removed, Silence could further increase the damage from a Fatal Teleport Ash build or a Radial Blind finisher based Excalibur.

Caliban: Sentient Wrath

Sentient Wrath is a decent AoE CC that has the added benefit of increasing all damage taken by the CC’d enemies. It also deals decent damage, meaning can also be used as a DPS ability against weaker foes, while leaving stronger foes susceptible to further attacks.

Like most CC though, it’s often better to just kill the enemy. If you are looking for a good CC, Nidus’s Larva ability is better in almost every scenario.

Excalibur: Radial Blind

Radial Blind is a decent CC. If modded into Range and Efficiency, this can be spammed to great effect. Enemies effected by the blind take extra damage from the stealth multiplier. It also leaves enemies open to finishers.

Its augment further increases the damage from finishing moves, making it a good addition to other finisher based builds like Fatal Teleport Ash or Silence Banshee.

Gara: Spectrorage

Spectrorage is a great CC, if enemies go into it. Its augment is a decent energy restore, if enemies die in it. The issue here is that it is hard to use effectively. It excels at locking down a choke point, but if you are in an otherwise open area, it will be tough to use.

Garuda: Blood Altar

Blood Altar is great at taking tough enemies out of the fight. Its heal is based off of how low on health the ally is, making Blood Altar a great place to retreat to. The issue though, like most stationary abilities, is that you can only benefit from it if you are staying in the same area for an extended period of time. You can use it as a quick heal while on the run, but it usually a better idea to just kill the enemies rather than CC one and slowly heal up.

Since it is percentage based, this ability would have increased effectiveness on high health frames like Inaros or Nidus. Put this up and drop Nidus’s Ravenous on it and you’ll be nearly invincible.

Grendel: Nourish (Nourish Strike)

Norish Strike adds additional toxic damage to your weapon. It is treated like an elemental mod in terms of damage calculations and elemental combinations. This can give your loadout access to Toxic (or Toxic elemental combinations) that you would not otherwise have. If modded deliberately, this ability can replace an entire mod on your weapons, letting you pick other more useful ones.

Khora: Ensnare

Ensnare is a decent CC. If you ensnare a target in a choke point, enemies going through will also be ensnared. Other than that specific case though, Nidus’s Larva is better at half the energy cost.

Nezha: Fire Walker

Fire Walker is a fun ability that can give you a whole new way to play Warframe. Rather than using weapons, just run past enemies or in places they’ll go and watch them burn. Winning through parkour.

Putting Fire Walker on a frame that can boost its speed will further increase Fire Walker’s effectiveness. Guass or Volt can spread fire all over the map.

Oberon: Smite

Smite is the perfect option if you need access to Radiation damage. The base ability is great at spreading Radiation procs. The augment for it adds a substantial amount of Radiation damage to weapons.

Even if you aren’t looking for the status proc specifically, Radiation damage is a good damage type. This will be a big damage increase to Eidolon hunting builds.

Revenant: Reave

Reave is a pretty decent heal that can be used while on the move. Unlike most heals, it restore both health AND shields, making it good for hybrid builds or frames that damage their own health like Despoil Nekros.

Its augment also makes it a decent CC and finisher opener, making it a versatile ability.

Volt: Shock

Shock is pretty subpar as a damage ability and a CC. Where this ability shines is with its augment. Shock Trooper adds a substantial amount of Electricity damage to your party.

The added Electricity damage works like a normal elemental mod, potentially combining with existing elements. You can replace your Electricity elemental mods with this ability and have more space for another mod on your weapons instead.