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Helminth Usefulness: Very High

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Amazing on certain Warframes or great on most Warframes

Rhino: Roar

Rhino’s Roar is a simple but effective buff. The duration allows you to keep this ability up on yourself and allies for pretty much the entire mission. It’s not as much of an increase as Mirage’s Eclipse, but is more consistent. Unfortunately, it’s Helminth version is nerfed, reducing its effectiveness.

Though perhaps a bit boring, this is a great option if no other abilities sound good to you. Every Warframe can benefit from increased weapon damage, making this the default choice for almost any build. When thinking of which ability to get for your Helminth modified build, start by thinking “is this ability better than a weapon damage increase?”

This ability can struggle to be effective on low Power or low Duration builds.

Mirage: Ecplise

Mirage’s Eclipse has two very useful effects that benefit nearly any Warframe. Its augments even allows you to share these buffs with nearby allies, which will makes any Warframe with Eclipse a welcome addition to any team.

When in the light, it provides a massive damage increase, much more so than Rhino’s Roar. When in the dark, it provides a percent based damage reduction, maxing out at 95%. At such a low energy cost, both of these effects are incredible and can be easily maintained. The damage buff is a nice addition to any Warframe and the damage mitigation can cover the weakness of squishier frames.

Wukong: Defy

Wukong’s invulnerability is great on him, limited only by energy. It also provides a damage multiplier that scales in damage based off of enemies, like Octavia’s amazing Mallet. It even gives you a huge armor boost, lasting a long time for those short periods where you are not invulnerable. To top all that off, it cleanses status effects.

Give this ability to a Warframe that has great energy restore and suddenly you can be invulnerable for the entire mission. Trinity with Energy Vampire, Harrow with Thurible, Hildryn’s shield casting with Pillage to keep her topped off, a Rage modded Inaros or Nidus – All of these Warframes should have no energy issues to cast Defy whenever they want.