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AW2 Classic Campaign – Mission 12: Neotanks?!

Capture the enemy lab! Move quickly before your foe destroys it!

Mission Strategy

This is an optional mission unlocked by finding the Lab Map in Mission 9: Toy Box. Beating this mission will unlock the Neotanks for use by Blue Moon for the rest of the campaign.

You only have 15 Days to win this map. If you have not destroyed all enemy forces or captured the enemy Lab by the beginning of Day 16, you lose.

This map features Silos. Silos can be launched by Mechs or Infantry. They deal 3 damage to all units caught in the blast zone (including your own. Remember that Lash can also use them, so try to claim them for yourself before she does. The Rockets and Medium Tanks guarding the enemy Lab are a great target, especially since the Lab does not repair units.

You can pick any of the three Blue Moon COs for this mission. Grit is always a great choice as he can spam out a large number of very threatening Artillery. With the Road leading to the enemy Lab, you can also make a few Rockets to back them up. Use APCs loaded with Infantry or Mechs to create a buffer for your indirect-fire units.

Colin is also a great choice for this map. Being able to afford units earlier will mean that you can secure key locations much quicker.

Finally, Olaf is probably the weakest choice. His only real redeeming factor is his Super CO Power, but with the Silos on this map, you can target down the important units without the need for his AoE Super CO Power.

HQ Capture: HQ capture is what you should aim for on this map. With the time limit, it will be very difficult to clear out all of Lash’s forces to the west. Like normal, make a good amount of Infantry early on to capture the significant number of spread out properties and Silos. Consider making an APC to capture the north east neutral Base early on.

Target the Silos at the three enemy units defending the Lab. The Lab does not repair ground units, so they will be forced to retreat west once they are under 2 health. If you time this well, you can push in as soon as they start to retreat and secure the Lab before Lash builds up too many units to the west.

Send a few units to the south west choke point to pull Lash’s forces away from the Lab. Don’t commit too much there though; a few Mechs backed by Artillery will do well.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Pick Colin as your CO

Day 1

  • Build an Infantry at each of your Bases

Day 2

  • Advance your Infantry
  • Build a Tank at your east Base

Day 3

  • Capture the top west Silo with your west Infantry
    • Target the three enemy units defending the enemy HQ
  • Advance your Tank and north Infantry
  • Build an APC at your east Base
  • Load your south Infantry into your APC

Day 4

  • Capture the north Silo with your north Infantry
    • Target the three enemy units defending the enemy HQ
  • Advance your Tank and APC
  • Build a Recon at your east Base

Day 5

  • Advance your Tank, APC, and Recon

Day 6

  • Advance your APC, Recon, and north Infantry

Day 7

  • Capture the north Silo with your north Infantry
    • Target the three enemy units defending the enemy HQ
  • Advance your APC, dropping the Infantry toward the enemy HQ
  • Advance your Tank and Recon

Day 8

  • Star capturing the enemy HQ
  • Capture the west Silo with your west Infantry
    • Target the enemy Medium Tank, Tank, and Recon (hitting your own APC as well)
  • Attack the enemy Recon with your Recon
  • Attack the enemy Tank with your Tank

Day 9

  • For Power Rating:
    • Destroy the enemy Medium Tank with your Tank
    • Destroy the enemy Rockets with your Recon
  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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