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AW2 Classic Campaign – Mission 11: Reclamation

Lash and her army set up at the northern frontier! Can Colin reclaim the stolen territory?

Mission Strategy

You start in a much better position than Lash in this map. While there is an even number of properties on both sides of the map, if you rush to the central Airport, you will be able to capture it before Lash stops you. This Airport plus the central Base will allow you to quickly block off the west Bridge and stop Lash from crossing.

From that point, you’ll just have wittle down her forces as she makes them. Be careful of her north Airport, as she can make units there too. While this is unlikely since she will have so little income by that point, a Missile unit to the east of it will make quick work of anything created there. You can also cross the River with Mechs and Infantry to capture it, allowing you to focus only on her HQ Bases.

Defeat All Enemies: If you approach this map from a balanced perspective, you’ll likely end up defeating all of Lash’s forces before you reach her HQ. As described above, the central Airport and Base are the most important locations. The Base should be easy to secure, but the Airport is closer to Lash than you. Make an APC for your Infantry Day 1 or 2 and claim the central Airport first.

Use a strong direct-fire unit like a Medium Tank or Tank to block off Lash’s forces at her Bridge. Place some indirect-fire units behind that wall and pick off Lash’s units as they spawn.

If you are in a good position, consider stockpiling your cash to gain even more from Colin’s CO Power. You likely won’t need to use his Super CO Power in this mission, but it can give you that last push you need to overcome Lash’s increased defense at her Bases.

HQ Capture: It is possible to rush an HQ capture on this mission. While it is a good idea to still try to capture as many properties as possible to increase your income, don’t focus heavily on the central ground fight. Instead, use your Airport and Colin’s reduced cost to annihilate the enemy forces from the sky.

Capture the south Airport and use Colin’s reduced cost bonus to buy an early Bomber. Bombers will have very little to worry about on this map and can deal significant damage to their greatest threat, Anti-Airs.

Once you’ve made one Bomber and started clearing the threats, make a Transport Copter to quickly get your Infantry to the enemy HQ. From there, buy more Bombers to help support your HQ rush. Once your Transport Copter makes it there, use your Copter and Bombers to keep your Infantry safe, blocking enemies from attacking it if needed.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Build an Infantry at each Base

Day 2

  • Advance your Infantry
  • Build an APC at your south west Base
  • Build an Infantry at your other two Bases

Day 3

  • Start capturing the City near the Bridge with your south west Infantry
  • Load your east Infantry into your APC
  • Advance your APC, dropping the Infantry to the east
  • Advance your other Infantry

Day 4

  • Finish capturing the City
  • Start Capturing the neutral Base with your Infantry near the Bridge
  • Star capturing the north west neutral City with your north west Infantry
  • Start capturing the south Airport with your south Infantry
  • Advance your other Infantry

Day 5

  • Finish capturing the three properties
  • Load your central Infantry into your APC
  • Advance your APC, dropping the Infantry west
  • Start capturing the north east neutral city with your north east Infantry

Day 6

  • Finish capturing the City
  • Load your north west Infantry into your APC
  • Start capturing the north neutral Airport with your north Infantry
  • Advance your other Infantry
  • Build a Bomber at your south Airport

Day 7

  • Advance your Bomber
  • Build a Transport Copter at your south Airport
  • Load your south Infantry into your Transport Copter
  • Finish capturing the central Airport
  • Retreat your other Infantry

Day 8

  • Move your 5 health Infantry off of the Airport
  • Build a Bomber at your central Airport
  • Retreat your north Infantry
  • Attack the east enemy Tank with your Bomber from the south
  • Load your south Infantry into your Transport Copter
  • Advance your Transport Copter

Day 9

  • Attack the enemy Anti-Air with your south Bomber from the north
  • Attack the north enemy Tank with your north Bomber
  • Advance your Transport Copter
  • Build a Battle Copter at your north Airport

Day 10

  • Attack the enemy Artillery with your Battle Copter
  • Destroy the enemy Anti-Air with your north Bomber from the west
  • Advance your Transport Copter, dropping the Infantry toward the enemy HQ

Day 11

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your west Infantry
  • Attack the enemy ANti-Air with your uninjured Bomber
  • Destroy the enemy Anti-Air with your other Bomber
  • Destroy the enemy Artillery with your Battle Copter

Day 12

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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