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Classic Campaign – Mission 5: Gun Fighter!

A new menace has appeared to show of his range. Deploy troops carefully to combat his tactics!

Mission Strategy

This mission introduces Grit, the indirect-fire specialist. At all times, his ranged units (Artillery, Rockets, etc.) have +1 range and deal extra damage. To compensate for this, Grit’s direct attack units (Tanks, Recon, etc.) are weaker. Keep Grit’s extra range in mind as you advance. Remember that you can hold the B button a unit to check their range.

Grit’s CO Power will FURTHER increase his range by +2 (in addition to his base increase, this is a total of +3 range). He will likely get his CO Power around the time you reach the bridge, so be aware. Like always, the AI will prioritize APCs, so you can use this to protect your more important units.

Since Grit has no way to create more units, as long as you keep control of your two Bases you will eventually win. However, this mission is very difficult to score a perfect score. The Turn by Turn Walkthrough below will get you that illustrious perfect 300 S-Rank.

  • Speed Goal: 10

HQ Capture: Keeping your APC safe is going to be tough in this mission. If you are struggling to beat Grit along the road, consider massing Mechs and pushing them across the river, approaching the enemy HQ from the west. With enough Mechs, you can beat out Grit’s Tank and Rockets, but his Medium Tank will likely be an issue. With the Rockets cleared though, your other forces will be much safer as they approach.

Keep your APC safe (or build a new one) and you can use it to bring along a fresh Infantry to capture the HQ if your Mech strike force gets wiped out. Use your low health units to body block the enemy from attacking your capture unit.

Defeat All Enemies: If you are aiming to destroy all enemies, you’ll need to deal with Grit’s Medium Tank on his HQ. He will not move it until it can attack one of your units, so you don’t have to deal with it until you’re ready. If you are later into the mission, you’ll likely have enough income to build a Medium Tank or a Rocket. Just make sure that you keep your counter unit safe from Grit’s Rockets.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Advance your Artillery
  • Build two Recons

Day 2

  • Attack the enemy Tank with your Artillery
  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your Tank
  • Start capturing the neutral City with your Infantry
  • Load your south Infantry into your APC
  • Advance your APC and both Recons
  • Build a Tank and an Infantry

Day 3

  • Attack the enemy Recon with your Artillery
  • Destroy the enemy Recon with one of your Recons from the woods
  • Finish capturing the City
  • Retreat your APC
  • Advance your Recon and both Tanks
  • Park your new Infantry on your HQ (it will stay here for the rest of the mission)
  • Build another Tank and Infantry

Day 4

  • Advance all your units
  • Build a Tank

Day 5

  • Attack either enemy Mech with your Artillery
  • Destroy the injured enemy Mech with your adjacent Infantry
  • Attack the other enemy Mech with your adjacent Infantry
  • Attack the easy enemy Artillery with your east Recon from the south
  • Destroy the injured enemy Artillery with your other Recon
  • Attack the enemy Artillery from the south with your west Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Artillery from the east either of your other two Tanks
  • Advance your APC and two Tanks
  • Build a Tank

Day 6

  • Attack the enemy Mech with your east Infantry from the east (sacrificing it to waste Grit’s CO Power)
  • Destroy the enemy Mech with your nearby Infantry
  • Attack the enemy Tank with two of your Tanks from the south and east
  • Advance your Tanks and Recons to hide from Grit’s CO Power

Day 7

  • Advance your forces for the final push

Day 8

  • Attack the enemy Rockets with your uninjured Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Rockets with your Recon
  • Advance your APC, dropping the Infantry to the west
  • Advance your Tanks and Recon

Day 9

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ
  • Attack the enemy Rockets with your injured Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Rockets with on of your other Tanks
  • Combine your Recons north of the HQ
  • Advance your other Tanks

Day 10

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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