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Classic Campaign – Mission 6: Air Ace!

A mysterious new foe has appeared at the bay. Time for fight or flight… or both!

Mission Strategy

This is your first mission against Eagle, the air unit specialist. His air units all deal increased damage and use less fuel per day, keeping them in the air longer. His naval units are weak, but this weakness never matters in the maps you face Eagle in since he never has sea units.

Eagle’s CO Power is one of the strongest in the game, giving all of his non-troop units an additional turn. However, during this extra turn, his units deal less damage and take increased damage. These debuffs continue into his opponents next turn, since his CO Power is still considered active then.

As an air unit specialist, Eagle’s forces dominate the sky on this map. His Battle Copters are a decent threat, but his Fighters and Bomber are what you need to worry most about. You can use you ground forces to hide your air units, blocking the fighters from reaching them.

Capture HQ: This strategy will require you to protect your Transport Copter. Eagles two fighters are a huge threat to it, along with any Battle Copters that are nearby. You can use your ground forces to surround your Transport, stopping Eagles air units from reaching it.

You’ll need to pull the enemy Bomber to you and destroy it or it will attack your capturer. Most of your units will not survive a hit from the bomber on the road, so keep your Anti-Air or Missiles in a safe place, ready to strike. Remember that Eagle’s CO Power gives him an extra turn, so keep that in mind when positioning to take out the Bomber.

Once you make it to the enemy HQ, the Transport Copter can take three hits from the enemy Tank before being destroyed, making it a perfect wall to protect your capture.

Destroy All Enemies: Destroying every enemy will take longer than a well coordinated HQ capture, but is the safer option. Advance along the road, clearing enemy forces with your Medium Tank and Anti-Air. Follow up with Infantry to capture Cities and Bases, giving you more daily income and a place to heal up.

Pay attention to the range of the enemy Fighters, they have some of the highest movement range in the game. Try not to get in range of Eagle’s Bomber until after his CO Power.

Eagle does not start with any way to build units. If you stop him from capturing the northern Base, you’ll eventually overwhelm his limited forces. You’ll need to use your Transport and Battle Copters to secure that area before his Infantry reaches it.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Destroy the enemy Battle Copter with your northern Anti-Air
  • Attack the enemy Tank with your Medium Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your Battle Copter
  • Load your Mech into your Transport Copter
  • Advance your Transport Copter, Anti-Air, Tank, and Missiles

Day 2

  • Destroy the enemy Battle Copter with your Missiles
  • Destroy the northern enemy Fighter with both of your Anti-Air
  • Advance your Transport Copter, Battle Copter, Tank, and Medium Tank

Day 3

  • Attack the enemy Fighter with your Missiles
  • Destroy the enemy Fighter with one of your Anti-Air
  • Destroy the enemy Battle Copter with your other Anti-Air
  • Advance your Transport Copter and Tank

Day 4

  • Destroy the enemy Bomber with your Missiles
  • Drop your Transport Copter Mech off on the enemy HQ, blocking the enemy tank

Day 5

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ

Day 6 – Victory

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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