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Classic Campaign – Mission 20M: Wings of Victory! (Max)

Eagle has Max backed into a corner. He’ll have to muscle his way to victory.

Mission Strategy

For all of the Green Earth maps, you will be able to choose between all three of the Orange Star COs. Each CO has an entirely different map. Unlike the original game, you do not need to do certain missions as certain COs to unlock Drake and Eagle. Both Green Earth COs are unlocked by beating the missions with any CO.

This mission is against Eagle, the air unit specialist. His air units all deal increased damage and use less fuel per day, keeping them in the air longer. His naval units are weak, but this weakness never matters in the maps you face Eagle in since he never has sea units.

Eagle’s CO Power is one of the strongest in the game, giving all of his non-troop units an additional turn. However, during this extra turn, his units deal less damage and take increased damage. These debuffs continue into his opponents next turn, since his CO Power is still considered active then.

This mission will be quick. Eagle will rush your position with almost all of his forces immediately. Only a few of his units hang back, but two of those units are Bombers. It’s a good idea to circle up in a defensive position to clear out Eagle’s Fighters that will be coming for your air units, and then push out north and east to clear Eagle’s ground forces.

  • Technique Goal: 2 or fewer

Defeat All Enemies: Since you can’t reach Eagle’s HQ with an Infantry or Mech, HQ capture is not an option. That means the only way to win this mission is to wipe out all of Eagle’s forces.

Eagle does not have a large amount of units, but most of the units he does have are very impactful. Like always with Eagle, his Bombers and Fighters are the biggest threat.

Remember that even air units are blocked by units of the enemy army. You can use your ground forces to block Eagle’s Fighters from reaching your air units. You can also use air units to block Eagle’s Bombers, but this will be tougher as you have so few air units. Destroying the Bombers and Battle Copters immediately with your Fighters is probably the better option anyway.

Be aware of Eagle’s CO Power. If you take the obvious fights on Day 1, he will get it immediately. Remember that your turn after Eagle uses his CO Power is the best opportunity to go on the offensive. Not only are Eagle’s units weaker, but he will not gain any additional CO Power meter for the damage done.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Destroy the enemy Medium Tank with your Bomber
  • Attack the enemy Fighter with your south Fighter
  • Destroy the enemy Bomber with your other Fighter from the south
  • Destroy the north west enemy Tank with your Medium Tank
  • Start capturing the neutral City with your Infantry to bait the enemy Battle Copter
  • Advance your Anti-Airs, Battle Copter, Missiles, Mech, APC, and Tank

Day 2

  • Activate Max’s CO Power
  • Destroy the uninjured south enemy Fighter with your Missiles
  • Destroy the injured enemy Fighter with your south Anti-Air
  • Destroy the east enemy Bomber with your south Fighter
  • Destroy the south east enemy Tank with your Bomber from the west
  • Destroy the east enemy Bomber with your other Fighter from the south
  • Advance your APC
  • Destroy the west enemy Bomber with your Anti-Air from the west
  • Advance your Medium Tank, Tank, Infantry, Mech, and Rockets

Day 3

  • Destroy the enemy Anti-Air with your Rockets
  • Retreat your Missiles
  • Destroy the south enemy Battle Copter with your south Anti-Air
  • Destroy the east enemy Battle Copter with your north Fighter
  • Destroy the other east enemy Battle Copter with your other Anti-Air
  • Attack the north enemy Infantry with your Medium Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your Bomber
  • Advance your Tank, Infantry, and Mech

Day 4

  • Destroy the enemy Battle Copter with your north Anti-Air
  • Destroy the north injured enemy Infantry with your Medium Tank
  • Destroy the east enemy Infantry with your Bomber
  • Retreat your Rockets
  • Destroy the south enemy Infantry with your Tank


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