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Classic Campaign – Mission 21M: Battle Mystery! (Max)

Max weighs anchor one more time against the jolly Green Earth captain.

Mission Strategy

For all of the Green Earth maps, you will be able to choose between all three of the Orange Star COs. Each CO has an entirely different map. Unlike the original game, you do not need to do certain missions as certain COs to unlock Drake and Eagle. Both Green Earth COs are unlocked by beating the missions with any CO.

This is the last battle against Drake, the navy specialist. Not only are his sea units strong, they also have +1 movement range and +2 stars of defense. His CO Power does 1 damage to all enemies (but cannot kill) and removes half of their current fuel. All of his units also gain +10% defense during his CO Power.

This mission is all about your Landers. Without them, you cannot reach the majority of Drake’s forces on his main island. There are two landing spots: one on the far west side away from Drake’s main force and one near Drake’s HQ, surrounded by Artillery and where his Medium Tank waits.

HQ Capture: Drake has a large portion of his army guarding his HQ. It won’t be easy to land and take them all out without taking a large amount of damage in return.

You can win the sea battle, and then use you one Battleship to soften up Drake’s forces before landing. However, since you are playing as Max, your Battleship won’t be very effective.

The better strategy is to land a force early on in the fight on the west side of the island. This will make Drake to send his forces to the west, leaving his HQ unguarded. Once the main force has moved away, land an Infantry and take the HQ. Stay clear of the nearby Artillery and this should be easy.

Defeat All Enemies: Drake’s forces are not too tough to deal with in this mission, especially not for Max. Advance your Battleship forward to catch the enemy Cruiser in range. Watch where the enemy Submarine Dives, and use a Lander to spot it for your Cruiser. With the enemy Cruiser and Submarine no longer a threat, your Submarine can wipe up the rest of Drake’s Battleships unopposed.

Similar to the HQ capture strategy, the west side of the island is the best place to land. It will give you plenty of time to set up. You can even bait Drakes forces into Max’s small ranged Rocket and Battleship fire. Once the direct-fire units are dealt with, push up carefully and wipe out the Artillery.

A single Tank can deal with the forces already on Max’s starting island. Try not to let the enemy Tank get the first hit and you’ll be fine.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Load your Medium Tank into your west Lander
  • Load one of your Infantry into your East Lander
  • Advance your west Lander, dropping the Medium Tank north
  • Advance your other Lander, Battleship, Cruiser, and Submarine (don’t Dive it)

Day 2

  • Attack the enemy Cruiser with your Battleship
  • Destroy the enemy Cruiser with your Submarine from the east
  • Advance your east Lander 2 east, then 1 north to spot the enemy Submarine
  • Destroy the enemy Submarine with your Cruiser from the north
  • Destroy the west enemy Tank with your Medium Tank from the north

Day 3

  • Destroy the enemy Anti-Air with your Medium Tank from the south
  • Attack the enemy Battleship with your Submarine from the south
  • Advance your east Lander

Day 4

  • Destroy the west enemy Battleship with your Submarine
  • Advance your Lander, dropping the Infantry north

Day 5

  • Advance your Infantry, staying out of range of the enemy Artillery

Day 6

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your Infantry

Day 7

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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