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Classic Campaign – Mission 10M: History Lesson!

Old friends clash on the battlefield, and old wounds are revealed.

Mission Strategy

This mission is a tutorial for the Cruiser. The Cruiser is a versatile sea unit with three main purposes: destroy enemy Submarines (even when they are currently Dived), deal heavy damage to enemy air units, and refuel/protect friendly air units.

To land an air unit on the cruiser, load it into the cruiser, like you would and APC or Transport Copter. The air units will be supplied at the beginning of your next turn.

Victory in this mission hinges on your ability to get your units across the water to the island with Grit’s HQ. Unlike previous Grit missions, he doesn’t have too many ranged units hiding in the fog, so proceed cautiously, but don’t worry too much about it.

HQ Capture: This is the fastest way to win this mission, and is a lot easier than seeking out every enemy in the fog. Once you clear the enemy Cruiser, you Transport Copter is safe to move your Infantry to the other island (just watch out for Tanks that can finish it off).

The northern side of the map is the safest way to approach. You can either use your ground forces to clear the group of enemies on your island, or avoid them by loading into your Landers and moving them through the reefs.

Use your Submarines to clear out the enemy Battleship in the north east and your Medium Tanks to deal with the enemy Tank near the HQ and your capturer will be safe.

Defeat All Enemies: If you lose your Infantry units, you’ll need to clear every enemy. Grit only has three naval units (one Submarine, one Cruiser, one Battleship. After you clear his attack force on your island, you’ll need to clear the central island and his island of the last few units.

Grit has a Rocket and Artillery hiding in the eastern Woods on his island. Other than those, his units will pose little threat.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Skip the Cruiser tutorial so that you can move your Transport Copter

Day 1

  • Destroy the enemy Submarine with your Cruiser
  • Advance and Dive your Submarine
  • Advance your Transport Copter, Infantry, and Battleship

Day 2

  • Destroy the enemy Submarine with your Cruiser
  • Attack the enemy Cruiser with your Battleship
  • Destroy the enemy Cruiser with your Dived Submarine from the north or east
  • Load your Infantry into your Transport Copter
  • Advance your Transport Copter

Day 3

  • Advance your Transport Copter, dropping your Infantry next to the enemy HQ
    • Don’t stand on enemy Cities to avoid detection
  • Advance your Submarine to spot the enemy Battleship

Day 4

  • Activate Max’s CO Power
  • Destroy the enemy Battleship with your Submarine
  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your Infantry
  • Advance your Transport Copter to block the enemy Tank

Day 5

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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