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Classic Campaign – Mission 11: Sami’s Debut!

The Eagle has landed. Time to clip his wings!

Mission Strategy

This is your second mission against Eagle, the air unit specialist. His air units all deal increased damage and use less fuel per day, keeping them in the air longer. His naval units are weak, but this weakness never matters in the maps you face Eagle in since he never has sea units.

Eagle’s CO Power is one of the strongest in the game, giving all of his non-troop units an additional turn. However, during this extra turn, his units deal less damage and take increased damage. These debuffs continue into his opponents next turn, since his CO Power is still considered active then.

Eagle has a lot of hard hitting air units in this mission. Since CO Power meter gain is determined by the price of the unit, damaging his very expensive Bombers and Fighters will quickly give him his CO Power. Try to do most of your damage the turn after Eagle’s CO Power to minimize the amount of meter Eagle gains.

HQ Capture: Your Transport Copters can get your Infantry or Mechs to the enemy HQ for a 5 turn win. The tough part is avoiding all of Eagle’s Fighters and Battle Copters along the way. The north side seems to be the safest, but since you have two Transport Copters, consider sending one along the south as well.

Your main force won’t help much with this strategy, but if you keep them out of the Woods and in line-of-sight of the enemy, you’re more likely to pull Eagle’s Fighters away from your Transport Copters.

Defeat All Enemies: If you are aiming to destroy all of Eagle’s forces, you’ll need to move slow and steady. Use the Woods whenever you can. Consider keeping your low value units (Infantry, Mechs) visible to pull the enemies to you. Keep your units together and protect your Missiles.

Remember that your air units do not benefit from the camouflage of Woods. You can use this to trap enemies by keeping your air units behind ground forces hiding in the Woods.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Pick Max as your CO

Day 1

The order of this turn seems to affect the enemy AI – follow the steps in order.

  • Destroy the enemy Missiles with your Bomber from the west
  • Destroy the north enemy Battle Copter with your Fighter from the west
  • Destroy the other two enemy Battle Copters with your two Anti-Air
    • Attack from the west to avoid blocking the second Anti-Air
  • Load your west Infantry into your north Transport Copter
  • Advance your north Transport Copter and Missiles

Day 2

  • Advance your north Transport Copter
  • Destroy the enemy Bomber with your Fighter from the west
    • Move all the way north, then the rest of the way east to avoid being trapped
  • Advance your Infantry and Missiles

Day 3

If you lost your north Battle Copter, you likely did not do Day 1 in the right order. You can’t lose any other units for your Technique score to be 100. You can try to deviate as needed from the guide to destroy or block the enemy Fighter. Know that the enemy Fighter will go for your south Transport Copter.

  • Destroy the enemy Bomber with your Missiles
  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your south Battle Copter
  • Advance your Transport Copter, dropping your Infantry to the east
  • Destroy the east enemy fighter near the enemy HQ with your Fighter

Day 4

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ

Day 5

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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