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Classic Campaign – Mission 23: Enigma!

Face off against the mysterious leader of the Black Hole Army!

Mission Strategy

This is your first battle against the leader of the Black Hole Army. His units are not slowed down by terrain; they can move through Reefs and Woods like they were Roads. This is important on this map as there are many tiles that would normally slow his forces down. The enemy CO does not have access to his CO Power in this battle.

This is a large mission that can be approached in multiple ways – you even get to choose one of the three Orange Star COs. Max is likely the best choice as his land, sea, and air direct-fire units are all super powerful. If you want to go more with a steady indirect-fire approach, Andy will keep your advancing army healed up. Finally, given the amount of Mountains and Rivers on the east side of the map, a Mech rush from Sami is also effective.

  • Power Goal: 5

HQ Capture: Despite how many forces the enemy has, a “quick” HQ capture is totally possible. If you can capture the neutral Airport, you can make a strong force to break through the units defending the HQ. If you want to go with this strategy, Max is a great choice as his Bombers can destroy enemy Anti-Air and even Cruisers in Port.

The toughest part of this strategy is the first few turns. The enemy’s Fighters, Bomber, Submarine, and Battleship will all be a huge threat to capturing the Airport. A safer strategy is to hold your Transport Copter back until the Fighters are dealt. Try to take out his Battleship as well so you don’t drop your Infantry or Mech into its range. Use your Submarine to destroy the enemy Landers to stop the enemy from bringing units onto the Airport island.

If you are going for the HQ capture, it may also be a good idea to let the enemy capture the central neutral properties. You can hold the Bridge and position units on your Beaches to stop him from making it to your HQ. If he owns the forward Bases and Ports, he is less likely to build forces back at his HQ. This is a risky strategy though as you will have very little income and no access to a Port. Consider at least fighting for the north neutral Base and Port.

Defeat All Enemies: The opposing CO’s forces are all very powerful, making this a tough fight. Andy is a good choice if you are looking to hold the line and push his forces back slowly. Like usual, keep a Medium Tank out front and Rockets and Artillery behind. Let the enemy come into your indirect-fire range and stay out of theirs.

Keep a second Medium Tank in reserve in case your other needs to repair. Follow your main force with Mechs and Infantry to capture the properties as you go.

Use your Transport Copter and Lander to secure and capture the north neutral Base and Port. Be prepared to defend that area against enemy Infantry and Mechs crossing the river.

If you can, don’t let the enemy take the Airport. Air units will give a huge advantage to whichever team owns them. Either capture it yourself or get a Battleship to stop the enemy’s units from capturing it.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Pick Max as your CO

Day 1

  • Load your north Mech into your APC
  • Load your APC and Anti-Air into your Lander
  • Advance your Submarine, Diving it
  • Advance all of your remaining units
  • Build an Anti-Air at your base

Day 2

  • Advance your Submarine, Lander, and Anti-Air
  • For Technique Rating:
    • Build an Infantry at your Base

Day 3

  • Attack the enemy Battleship from the east
  • Advance your Lander, dropping the APC east and the Anti-Air north
  • Retreat your Infantry
  • For Technique Rating:
    • Build an Infantry at your Base

Day 4

An interesting note: The AI chooses to use their Bomber to block your Submarine from finishing off their Battleship rather than using their Bomber to kill your loaded APC. It doesn’t get trapped since the enemy Submarine spots yours. You’ve likely noticed by now that the AI loves to kill APCs, but apparently not as much as it loves that Battleship.

  • Destroy the south west enemy Fighter with your Missiles
  • Destroy the other west enemy Fighter with your Anti-Air
  • Load your west Mech into your Transport Copter
  • Advance your Transport Copter
  • Advance your APC, dropping the Mech north
  • Destroy the enemy Submarine with your Submarine
  • Retreat your newly built Infantry
  • Advance your Medium Tank onto your Base

Day 5

Interesting note continued: Despite the fact that the AI could still block your Submarine from attacking the Battleship, now it chooses to attack your empty APC instead.

  • Destroy the enemy Battleship with your Submarine
  • Destroy the enemy Bomber with your east Anti-Air
  • Start capturing the Airport with your Mech
  • Advance your Transport Copter, dropping the Mech north

Day 6

  • Destroy the north loaded Lander with your Submarine from the south
  • Attack the north enemy Tank with your north west Mech
  • Destroy the north enemy Tank with your Anti-Air from the south
  • Finish capturing the Airport

Day 7

  • Destroy the enemy Fighter with your north Anti-Air
  • Destroy the north enemy APC with both of your Mechs
  • Destroy the north enemy Lander with your Submarine from the south
  • Build a Bomber at your Airport

Day 8

  • Advance your Bomber
  • Build a Transport Copter at your Airport
  • Load your full health Mech into the Transport Copter

Day 9

  • Destroy the enemy Missiles with your Bomber
  • Advance your Transport Copter
  • Build a Bomber at your Airport

Day 10

  • Destroy the enemy Battleship with your south Bomber from the north
  • Advance your north Bomber and Transport Copter
  • Retreat your Medium Tank and Rockets
  • Build a Medium Tank at your Base

Day 11

  • Destroy the west enemy Anti-Air with your north Bomber
  • Destroy the east enemy Anti-Air with your south Bomber
  • Advance your Transport Copter, dropping your Mech onto the enemy Base
  • Destroy the enemy Infantry on your HQ with your Anti-Air
  • For Power Rating:
    • Activate Max’s CO Power
    • Attack the north west enemy Lander with your Rockets
    • Destroy the north west enemy Lander with your Tank
    • Destroy the north enemy Infantry with your two north Infantry

Day 12

  • Destroy the east enemy Medium Tank with your west Bomber
  • Destroy the east enemy Infantry with your other Bomber
  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your Mech
  • Merge your 7 health Medium Tank into your low health Medium Tank

Day 13

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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