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Steel Path: Hades – Ambulas (Solo)

This guide will show you the easiest way to defeat Ambulas in Steel Path Hades. This boss is one of the most challenging fights you’ll face on the Steel Path, but this build will make the fight easy.


  • Octavia’s Resonator (#2) to CC adds
  • Octavia’s Metronome (#3) for stealth
  • High crit, combo scaling, Radiation melee weapon

Boss Mechanics

The Steel Path Hades doesn’t add any new mechanics to the normal Ambulas fight.

The goal of this boss fight is to deliver four (when playing solo) hacked Ambulas. A timer begins at the start of each round. When the timer ends, a drop ship picks up all Ambulas in the arena. If they are not hacked when picked up, they count as a failure. Three failed Ambulas deliveries will fail the mission.

To hack an Ambulas, you must reduce its health to zero (similar to Bursas and other Ambulas found rarely in other missions). Unlike Ambulas you encounter outside of this fight, these Ambulas will not fight for you. Instead, it will stay where it was defeated until picked up or hacked back by the Corpus. Corpus adds will spawn throughout the fight, attempting to re-hack any hacked Ambulas.

As you return hacked Ambulas, the Corpus ship in the background will start attacking you with new abilities. There will be an indicator on the ground to show where these attacks will land.

The Build


Octavia is the perfect fit for Steel Path Hades. Permanent stealth from Metronome (#3) will keep you safe enough to just tunnel the Ambulas with your melee weapon. More importantly, Resonator (#2) will stop the Corpus from re-hacking your hacked Ambulas. The build focuses on range to make sure no one slips past Resonator. It has Strength to help kill the Corpus and Ambulas faster using Mallet (#1), but if you find yourself hurting for energy, you can dump the Strength for Efficiency or Duration. You don’t need Mallet for this strategy; Resonator as a distraction is enough, but killing them is safer.


Octavia’s abilities allow you to build up your melee combo mostly uninterrupted. Therefore, most high critical chance & critical multiplier weapons will work well here when paired with Blood Rush. Ambulas is weakest to Radiation damage, so a +90% Heat and Electricity will add the most damage. Status is not important on this fight. This is the weapon I used, but any good crit weapon will work just as well.


Energy will be an issue in this fight. If you run out at the wrong time and can’t refresh Resonator, a re-hack may turn a winning round into a failure. Therefore, spec your operator for Energizing Dash to help keep yourself topped off.

The Strategy

Keep yourself in stealth at all times by crouching in beat with Metronome (#3). Work on building up your energy with Energizing Dash as you stealth through to the boss arena. Top yourself off with an Energy Restore before going into the arena if needed.

Once the first Ambulas spawns, toss down your Resonator (#2). If you think that you have the energy for it, include your Mallet (#1) as well. Start building up your combo counter against the Ambulas. Move out of the electric field it sometimes throws on the ground. Once you get accustomed to the animations, you can start avoiding the third slam and his spinning laser. The most important thing to focus on is keeping Resonator up and maintaining stealth with Metronome.

You should be able to knock out the Ambulas with a reasonable amount of time remaining. Hack the Ambulas and continue to maintain Resonator and stealth. Stay relatively close to the Ambulas so that Resonator picks up any Corpus that spawn. However, avoid being on top of your Resonator as the attacks intended for it may hit you.

Repeat this four times. As you get further into the fight, look out for blue indicators on the ground signaling where the ship is going to attack. On the last round, there will be two Ambulas. Just focus down one and let the other follow your Resonator around.

Steel Path Builds

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