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Grendel Missions – Solo – No-Mod Strategies

The guides below will teach you everything you need to know to complete these difficult Grendel missions. These strategies work, and in fact work best, solo.

How to Get Grendel Blueprints

The Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics blueprints for Grendel can be earned from the no-mod Grendel missions. These missions remove your ability to mod you warframe, weapons, and companions while also stopping you from using your operator. The only mods that have any effect are augment mods that will still augment warframe abilities. Enemies you will fight in these missions will be around level 40, making them very difficult to take down for any no-mod build.

Additionally, you will need to survive an extended time in three different endless mission types. Chassis comes from a 15 wave defense, Systems from an 800 Cryotic excavation, and Neuroptics from a 20 minute survival. All three of these missions will be against Corpus type enemies, meaning you will need to deal with Bursas and Nullifiers.

Unlocking the Missions

To unlock the 3 Grendel missions on Europa, you will need to purchase a their corresponding locator from the Arbitration Honor vendor in the Arbiters of Hexis room on any relay. These items will cost 25 Vitus Essence each (obtainable through Arbitrations), but are not consumed until you complete the mission; you will be able to attempt the mission as many times as you would like until you get the reward for winning.

Chassis: Icefields of Riddah – 15 Wave Defense

The Grendel Chassis blueprint will require you to complete 15 waves of defense. Keeping yourself alive is hard enough, but also protecting the defense target makes this mission the most difficult of the three. You will need to take your time with this one, close to an hour, so come prepared.

Systems: Mine of Karishh – 800 Cryotic Excavation

The Grendel Systems blueprint will require you to collect 800 Cryotic in an excavation mission. With the strategy presented in this guide, this is the easiest of the three missions.

Neuroptics: Archaeo-Freighter – 20 Minute Survival

The Grendel Neuroptics blueprint will be awarded for making it to 20 minutes in a survival mission. This mission will require you to kill enemies consistently while keeping yourself alive. With the right build, this otherwise challenging mission will not be too difficult.