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AW2 Classic Campaign – Mission 8: Liberation

At last! The enemy Stronghold is ahead! Can Orange Star win back the country?

Mission Strategy

This is the first mission with an enemy Factory. The Factory will produce 0-3 enemy units every turn. Those units produced are ready to use immediately, meaning that they can attack the turn they are created.

The goal of this mission is to destroy the Pipe Seam connected to the enemy Factory. This Pipe Seam has 99 health and can only be attacked on the actual Pipe Seam tile; the rest of the Pipe is immune to damage.

The central Airport is the most important property of this map. As the only Airport on the map, whichever army controls it will be able to produce air units.

Destroy the Pipe Seam: The only way to win this mission is to destroy the Pipe Seam. It has a lot of defense and is tough to destroy without a hard-hitting unit.

Aim to capture the Airport as soon as possible. Once you own it, Bombers will do significant damage to the Pipe Seam. If you rush this strategy immediately with an APC, you can cheese this mission easily. You can also send a Medium Tank, Artillery, or Rockets which also deal good damage to the Seam.

Be careful near the enemy factory. Units that come out of it will be able to attack immediately. If you have gotten units close to the Factory, you can use them to body block spawning enemy units. Just place your units in front of the Factory where the enemy units would spawn and you will stop them from spawning.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Pick Max as your CO
  • If you aren’t going for 300 points:
    • Use your initial APC and Infantry to capture the Airport
    • Build a Bomber
    • Destroy the pipe with the Bomber

Day 1

  • Build an APC at your north Base
  • Build an Infantry at your south west Base

Day 2

  • Load your Infantry into your APC
  • Advance your APC, dropping the Infantry towards the neutral Airport

Day 3

  • Start capturing the Airport with your Infantry
  • Advance your APC
  • Build a Mech at your north Base

Day 4

  • Load your Mech into your APC
  • Advance your APC, dropping the Mech into the River
  • Finish capturing the Airport

Day 5

  • Retreat your Infantry
  • Advance your Mech
  • Build a Bomber at your Airport

Day 6

  • Destroy the enemy Recon with your Mech
  • Destroy the north enemy Mech with your Bomber from the east

Day 7

  • Destroy the Pipe Seam with your Bomber


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