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AW2 Classic Campaign – Mission 6: Andy’s Time

Enemy cannons! Can they be destroyed?

Mission Strategy

This is the first mission against an enemy Black cannon. This Black Cannon is just a prototype though, and can therefore only fire every other turn. The Black Cannon has a triangular firing arc that can be viewed by holding the B button on it. If there are units in range, it will pick the highest value target and deal 5 damage to it. This damage cannot destroy a unit though, instead leaving it at 1 health.

The goal of this mission is to destroy the enemy Black Cannon. It starts with 99 health and can only be damaged at the lit up tile in the middle of the south side. This means that only a single direct-fire units can attack it at any given time, but multiple indirect-fire units can attack it as long as they are in range.

Since the Black Cannon can only shoot the west side of the map, it’s best to ignore this area completely. Instead, use your Transport Copter to drop your Infantry on the island to capture the neutral Base. Push up north and take out the enemy forces to clear a path to the side of the Black Cannon. From there use indirect-fire to take it out and win the mission.

Destroy the Enemy Black Cannon: The enemy does not have an HQ and you can’t win by destroying all their other units. Therefore, the only way to win is to destroy the enemy Black Cannon.

The best way to deal with the Black Cannon is to hit it with Artillery or Rockets. Considering the lower income and general terrain of this map, a couple Artillery are a better choice than a single Rockets. Park your Artillery next to the Black Cannon and fire away.

Since the enemy starts with only a single base, no units, and very little income, you can take them out completely with 2-3 early Recons. Send them north from your Bases and take out any enemy Infantry or Mechs. Prioritize any new ones that are currently on the enemy Base so that you can capture it or park a unit on top of it. Once the enemy is dealt with, nothing can stop your Artillery from lining up their shots.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Skip the tutorials

Day 1

  • Load your Infantry into your Transport Copter
  • Advance your Transport Copter
  • Build an Artillery at your west Base

Day 2

  • Advance your Transport Copter, dropping the Infantry onto the Base
  • Advance your Artillery
  • Build a Recon at your east Base

Day 3

  • Start capturing the neutral Base with your Infantry
  • Advance your Artillery and Recon

Day 4

  • Finish capturing the Base
  • Attack the west enemy Infantry with your Recon
  • Advance your Artillery

Day 5

  • Destroy the west enemy Infantry with your Recon
  • Advance your Infantry and Artillery
  • Build another Artillery at your new Base

Day 6

  • Advance both of your Artillery

Day 7

  • Attack the enemy Black Cannon with your west Artillery
  • Advance your other Artillery

Day 8

  • Destroy the enemy Black Cannon with both of your Artillery


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