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AW2 Classic Campaign – Mission 3: Orange Dawn

Two wild animal stand with an ocean between them. Their armies are ready… Let the Hostilities begin!

Mission Strategy

This mission is against the Black Hole CO Flak. Flak’s units have a chance to deal up to 25% more to 10% less damage. This chance is based on a random number generator (RNG). Even if you play the mission exactly the same, the RNG will change the outcomes. He has no specific specialty units and not specific weakness.

His CO Power increases the RNG to a range of +50% to -20% while also giving his units a guaranteed +10 to offense and defense. His Super CO Power greatly increases the RNG to a range of +90% to -30% while still giving the same +10% offense and defense.

HQ Capture: You are given a Transport Copter in this mission. It can be used to cross the Sea and drop your Infantry onto the enemy HQ to capture it. You will need to wait for the enemy forces to move away though so that they don’t destroy your Infantry.

Once the enemy Medium Tanks are near the north east island, you should be safe to drop. Don’t put your Transport Copter adjacent to the area near the enemy HQ until you’re ready to drop or the enemy may turn around.

Defeat All Enemies: While capturing the enemy HQ is easier and faster, it is possible to win this mission by destroying the enemy forces. The main goal is to have your Medium Tank get the first hit against both of the enemy Medium Tanks.

You can use the Bridge to your advantage. Flak’s Tanks are no match against your Medium Tank. Just make sure to keep some kind of wall up to protect your Medium Tank from Flak’s. Your Battle Copter is a great option since it takes little damage from Flak’s forces and can deal some back. You can also use your Missiles, Anti-Air, and/or Transport Copter to stop the enemy Medium Tanks from getting the first hit.

If needed, Max’s CO Power can give a significant boost to your Tanks and Battle Copter, which may be enough to deal with the second Medium Tank. If you Medium Tank lives and Flak’s do not, his other forces won’t be able to stop your Medium Tank.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Skip the tutorials

Day 1

  • Destroy the west enemy Battle Copter with your Anti-Air
  • Destroy the next west enemy Battle Copter with your Missiles
  • Attack the last enemy Battle Copter with your Battle Copter
  • Load your Infantry into your Transport Copter
  • Advance your Transport Copter

Day 2

  • Advance your Battle Copter

Day 3

  • Advance your Transport Copter, dropping the Infantry north

Day 4

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your Infantry

Day 5

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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