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AW2 Classic Campaign – Mission 15: Nature Walk

Three cannons await. Devise a strategy to cross these woods!

Mission Strategy

This mission has a unique victory condition. To win, all you need to do is end a unit’s turn on top of your HQ. Lash has a lot of units between you and your HQ, so it’s no simple task. She also has Infantry and Mechs that will eventually make their way to your HQ. You’ll have to move aggressively through the Woods to reach your HQ in time.

You’ll have to move through the Fog of War Woods, avoiding the enemy Black Cannons. You can check their range by holding B over them. These cannons will target any of your units that they can see and deal 5 damage to the most expensive unit in their vision range. They will only fire at the start of a new Day, so as long as the enemy can’t see you at the start of your turn, the cannons won’t shoot.

Get a Unit Onto Your HQ: Since the enemy is around your HQ, there’s no need to try to clear all of them out. Lash was nice enough to not put a unit on your HQ either, meaning you don’t even need to fight the last group if you can make it to your HQ.

It is entirely possible to sneak past the enemy and make it to your HQ with little effort (see my walkthrough below). However, the AI knows your location somehow and will often find you before you make it. The safer approach is to move your army up as one.

Keep your Tanks, Medium Tank, and Recons up front to spot enemy units, supported from behind by your indirect-fire units. Try to keep all of your units in the Woods when possible, keeping them safe from the Black Cannons. Prioritize finishing off enemies so that they can’t spot your forces.

As your approach the halfway point of the map, the west side is a bit easier. Not only are there fewer enemies, you also will no longer be in range of a Black Cannon.

Since there are multiple Cities between Lash’s Infantry and your HQ, it will take them a while to get there. You can monitor their progress since you can see your Cities through the fog. Adjust the speed at which you move through the map based on how close the enemy foot soldiers are to your HQ.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Attack the enemy Tank with your west Artillery
  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your west Rockets
  • Attack the enemy Recon with your east Artillery
  • Destroy the enemy Recon with your Anti-Air
  • Destroy the enemy Artillery with your east Rockets
  • Advance your north east Tank and Medium Tank

Day 2

  • Advance your north Tank and Medium Tank

Day 3

  • Advance your north Tank and Medium Tank

Day 4

  • Attack the enemy Artillery with your Medium Tank
  • Advance your north Tank

Day 5

  • Advance your north Tank

Day 6

  • Advance your north Tank

Day 7

  • Advance your north Tank

Day 8

  • Advance your north Tank onto your HQ


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