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AW2 Classic Campaign – Mission 1: Cleanup

A new enemy has planted its flag on Orange Star soil. Face off with Black Hole’s troops, and drive them all out!

Mission Strategy

This mission is your first mission against the Black Hole CO Flak. Flak’s units have a chance to deal up to 25% more to 10% less damage. This chance is based on a random number generator (RNG). Even if you play the mission exactly the same, the RNG will change the outcomes. He has no specific specialty units and not specific weakness.

His CO Power increases the RNG to a range of +50% to -20% while also giving his units a guaranteed +10 to offense and defense. His Super CO Power greatly increases the RNG to a range of +90% to -30% while still giving the same +10% offense and defense.

Defeat All Enemies: This is the easier and faster option. Be sure to check the range of the enemy units. Holding B over a direct-fire enemy unit will show you how far it can attack based on how far it can move. Holding B over an indirect-fire unit will show the unit’s attack range since it needs to not move in order to attack.

Check the attack range of Flak’s forces, and make sure you get the first hit when possible. Stay out of range of Flak’s Artillery and use your APC to pull enemies into the range of your Artillery and you’ll wipe out the enemy forces with ease.

HQ Capture: HQ capture is possible, but you will have to go past Flak’s forces anyway. Use your APC to speed up your Mech or Infantry. Be sure to not let the APC be destroyed while your unit is in it. Remember that since the enemy AI loves to attack APCs, you can use your APC to draw fire away from your capturer.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Skip the tutorials
  • Flak has random damage rolls on all of his attacks
    • The mission may not play out exactly as shown, even if you do the exact same thing I did
    • The guide attempts to make the mission as consistent as possible, but it may not always be
    • Some randomness can be overcome, but if your run starts differing greatly, you may need to reset

Day 1

  • Load your Mech into your APC
  • Advance your APC, dropping the Mech east
  • Advance your Tank, Artillery, and Infantry

Day 2

  • Attack the enemy Tank with your Tank from the east
  • Advance your Artillery, Mech, Infantry, and APC

Day 3

  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your Mech
  • Attack the west enemy Infantry with your Artillery
  • Destroy the west enemy Infantry with your Infantry
  • Attack the enemy Artillery with your Tank

Day 4

  • Destroy the enemy Artillery with your Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Infantry with your Artillery


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