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Classic Campaign – Mission 9A: Olaf’s Navy!

Olaf’s naval armada must be stopped before it can blow Orange Star off course.

Mission Strategy

This mission is another one of Olaf’s mistakes. As Grit points out, though Olaf’s navy is strong, the Orange Star forces can mostly ignore the sea and head inland.

This is your first mission where you can pick between multiple COs for the same mission. Unlike the choice two missions ago, you will be on the same map no matter which CO you choose. Choose the CO that fits your playstyle. If you want to use indirect-fire units, Andy is the obvious choice. If you want to rush the enemy with hard hitting direct-fire units, Max is the best option.

Olaf’s navy will almost certainly destroy your naval forces. Even if you hide them in the Reefs, he’ll eventually find them and take them out. because of this, do not load any units into your Lander or they will almost certainly be lost.

  • Technique Goal: 3 or fewer

HQ Capture: This is the easiest way to win this mission. Send your units across the north Bridge to avoid Olaf’s Battleships. Keep one of your Mechs or Infantry in your APC to speed the process up.

Olaf has very few forces and they shouldn’t be much of a threat to you. Be aware of his Rockets hiding in the Woods on the far side of the north Bridge.

Defeat All Enemies: In the original game, you had to destroy Olaf’s naval forces to unlock a secret mission. While this is no longer required, it is still possible to destroy Olaf’s naval forces… it’s just very boring.

The best way to wipe out Olaf’s navy is to wait for them to run out of fuel. Once you clear all the land forces, just stay hidden in the Fog of War until they sink and you win. You will almost certainly find it easier to just capture Olaf’s HQ.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Pick Max as your CO
  • Skip the tutorial

Day 1

  • Load your west Mech into your APC
  • Advance your APC, both Tanks, Medium Tank, and north Recon
  • For Technique Rating:
    • Retreat your other Mech, your east Infantry, and your west Infantry

Day 2

  • Activate Max’s CO Power
  • Destroy the south enemy Tank with your south Tank
  • Destroy the west enemy Tank with your north Tank
  • Advance your Recon (don’t attack), APC, and Medium Tank

Day 3

  • Retreat your north Recon
  • Destroy the north enemy Tank with your Medium Tank
  • Advance your north Tank and APC
  • For Technique Rating:
    • Retreat your south Tank, north Infantry, and south Mech

Day 4

  • Advance your APC, dropping the Mech toward the enemy HQ
  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your Medium Tank
  • Attack the enemy Rockets with your north injured Tank

Day 5

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ
  • Destroy the enemy Rockets with your Medium Tank

Day 6

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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