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Classic Campaign – Mission 8M: Sniper!

Grit’s troops law low in the Fog of War, waiting for their shot.

Mission Strategy

This mission showcases the power of ranged units in Fog of War. Generally, you’ll want to stay out of sight of the enemy by killing their spotters or sticking to the woods. Remember that Grit’s CO power will further increase his range by +2, giving his deadly Rockets a huge range.

HQ Capture: The enemy HQ is very lightly defended; only an Anti-Air and Artillery are near the HQ. The enemy Artillery doesn’t even start in a spot where it can attack units on the enemy HQ. The enemy Rocket on the central city can hit the HQ during Grit’s CO Power, so keep track of how many enemies you are defeating if you haven’t destroyed it.

If you can get Infantry and Mechs across the mountains, it’s relatively easy to capture the enemy HQ. If the enemy sees one of your Copters, it will start advancing it’s Anti-Air, leaving the HQ even less defended. You can use your Transport Copter and APC to speed up your Infantry/Mech push. Be aware of the Missiles on the northern side of the map that will one-shot your Transport Copter.

Defeat All Enemies: This mission will likely take a few tries to learn where the enemies are. The biggest enemies to play around are the Rockets in the woods in the south west and the Rockets on the central city, blocked by mountains. Remember Grit gets +1 to Range, giving his Rockets a total of 6 range. This threat is further boosted during his CO power up to 8 range.

The best way to avoid Grit’s ranged units is to take out his spotters. His Recon and Tanks will give vision to his Artillery and Rockets, so if you take them out you’ll be safe. Remember to that Missiles have 5 vision range. Grit’s Missiles on the central north city will spot you as you move along the road.

Finally, Grit has a Missile and Rocket on the northeast island that will need to be killed. You’ll need to use a Battle Copter (or your Transport Copter to spot for your Rockets) to deal with them. If you lose your ability to destroy the island enemies and you lose all of your Infantry/Mechs, you’ll need to restart.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Pick Max as your CO
    • Andy can do this mission with pretty much the same strategy if you want

Day 1

  • Load your Infantry into your Transport Copter (not a Mech)
  • Advance your Transport Copter straight east

Day 2

  • Advance your Transport Copter straight south

Day 3

  • Advance your Transport Copter, dropping the Infantry east
    • There should be no threat of running into an enemy in the fog
  • Since two kills are needed for 100 Power Rating:
    • Destroy the enemy Artillery with one of your Tanks (use other units as needed if using Andy)
    • Destroy the enemy Infantry with your Medium Tank (use other units as needed if using Andy)

Day 4

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your Infantry
  • Position your Tansport Copter just north of the enemy HQ
    • This will trap the enemy Anti-Air trying to attack your Infantry

Day 5 – Victory

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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