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Classic Campaign – Mission 7A: Max Strikes! (Andy)

The seas ahead are rough and uncertain. Can Andy turn the tide?

Mission Strategy

This mission is the first branching path in the Advance Wars 1 campaign. You can choose between Andy and Max as your CO. While both missions are similar, they are unique missions and will lead you down a specific path of missions until they converge at Mission 11.

This mission teaches you about three new sea units, Battleships, Submarines, and Landers.

Battleships are indirect-fire units with a huge range. Similar to ground based indirect-fire units, they are best used when kept out of harm’s way. They cannot counter attack enemies, so it’s best to keep them off of the front lines. Battleships not only deal huge damage to enemy sea units, you can also bombard enemy land units. Your Battleship in this fight is relatively safe (once you clear Olaf’s Battleships) to wreak havoc on Olaf’s ground forces.

Submarines are a direct-fire naval unit. The are best used to destroy enemy Battleships and other Submarines. They can Dive underwater, making them immune to all enemies expect Cruisers and other Submarines. Enemy units will also need to be adjacent to a Dived Submarine to even see it, similar to Woods in Fog of War. While dived, they will use more fuel. If a sea unit runs out of fuel, it will be destroyed.

Landers are similar to Transport Copters and APCs in that they can carry units. However, they are superior to these as they can not only hold any ground unit (not just Mechs and Infantry), they can also hold two of these units at once. They have no way to attack and have low defense, so be sure to keep your loaded Landers protected.

  • Power Goal: 3

HQ Capture: This is the quickest way to win this mission. Olaf will leave his HQ completely undefended. Use your Lander to move an Infantry or Mech across the sea and land on the HQ’s Beach. Use your Battleship and Submarines to clear out the enemy Battleships and nothing will stand in your way.

Defeat All Enemies: This strategy will take a little longer than the HQ capture, but will give you good practice at holding chokepoints. Use your Medium Tanks, APC, and normal Tanks as a single front line unit. Position it in a chokepoint such that only one enemy unit can attack it. Once you have your wall set up, reinforce it from behind with Artillery and Rockets. Push slowly, keeping your front line unit high on health, replacing it if it gets low, and you will quickly overwhelm Olaf’s Bases.

You’ll also need to win the battle at sea, but that should be easy enough if you Dive your Submarines. Once the enemy Battleships are clear, your Battleship will be free to support your ground forces.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Decline the tutorials

Day 1

  • Attack the west enemy Battleship with your north Submarine from the Reef
  • Destroy the injured enemy Battleship with your Battleship
  • Advance your south Submarine, Diving it
  • Load an Infantry into your Lander
  • Advance your Lander
  • For Power Rating:
    • Advance your south Medium Tank

Day 2

  • Attack the west enemy Battleship with your submerged south Submarine
  • Destroy the injured enemy Battleship with your Battleship
  • Attack the east enemy Battleship with your other Submarine
  • Advance your Lander
  • For Power Rating:
    • Advance your east Medium Tank and Artillery

Day 3

  • Destroy the enemy Battleship with either of your Submarines
  • Advance your Lander, dropping the Infantry toward the enemy HQ
  • For Power Rating:
    • Attack the enemy Medium Tank with your Battleship
    • Attack the enemy Medium Tank with your Rockets
    • Destroy the enemy Medium Tank with your east injured Medium Tank
    • Attack the enemy Tank with your Artillery
    • Destroy the enemy Tank with your west Medium Tank

Day 4

  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your east Infantry

Day 5

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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