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Classic Campaign – Mission 21S: Battle Mystery! (Sami)

If Sami can’t protect her special troops, this mission will soon circle the drain.

Mission Strategy

For all of the Green Earth maps, you will be able to choose between all three of the Orange Star COs. Each CO has an entirely different map. Unlike the original game, you do not need to do certain missions as certain COs to unlock Drake and Eagle. Both Green Earth COs are unlocked by beating the missions with any CO.

This is the last battle against Drake, the navy specialist. Not only are his sea units strong, they also have +1 movement range and +2 stars of defense. His CO Power does 1 damage to all enemies (but cannot kill) and removes half of their current fuel. All of his units also gain +10% defense during his CO Power.

This mission has an extra condition. If you lose the Infantry on the map, you lose the mission. You can win by keeping that Infantry alive for 8 turns. The best place to hide that Infantry is in a Transport Copter on a Cruiser in a Reef.

  • Power Goal: 2

Survive 8 Turns: The intended way to beat this mission is to keep your Infantry alive for 8 turns. If you can last that long, you automatically win. This strategy is relatively easy to do. Get your Infantry to a Transport Copter as soon as possible, using your Battle Copters to cover its retreat if needed. Then load your Transport Copter into one of your Cruisers and hide in a Reef.

The only real threat to your Cruisers are Drake’s Battleship and Submarine. Once both of these are down, he has no way to destroy your Cruiser (as long as it’s not along the shore in range of his Medium Tank).

HQ Capture: If you don’t want to wait for the time to run out, you can also take the initiative and capture Drake’s HQ. Use one of your Mechs and Transport Copters to move south toward Drake’s HQ. Use your Cruisers to hide your Transport Copter from Drake’s Cruisers until you can drop it in a safe spot.

Most of Drake’s land forces will move north to engage your Battle Copters and Infantry, leaving his HQ mostly unguarded. His Anti-Airs can move quickly though, so try not to get spotted until you start capturing. You can also use your Transport Copter to help protect your capturing Mech by blocking a side.

Defeat All Enemies: Defeating all enemies on this map will be very tough and is not intended. Drake has a strong force on the mainland that your small force will struggle to defeat. If you really want to go for this, land your forces on the west side and take the bridge. Have your Rockets prioritize his Medium Tank. Your Tank will do well against his Anti-Air.

You’ll also need to destroy all of his sea units, namely all of his Cruisers. Your Battleship and Rockets are the only effective way to take these units out, but you’ll need to pull them into firing range.

You will also need to defeat his slow moving Infantry, who will not meet you at the Bridge. You Battle Copters are a good choice to deal with them, as long as you can hide them from Drake’s Anti-Air and Cruisers.

It would be impressive to beat all of Drakes forces before the 8 turn timer is up.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Attack the enemy Submarine with both of your Cruisers from the west and north
  • Advance your Battleship and Submarine, Diving it
  • Load your south Mech into your south Transport Copter
  • Load your Loaded Transport Copter into your south Cruiser
  • Advance your other Transport Copter and your Infantry
  • For Technique Rating:
    • Hide both of your Battle Copters

Day 2

  • Attack the enemy Battleship with your Battleship and your Submarine
  • Advance your south Cruiser, dropping the Transport Copter to the south
  • Advance your north Cruiser
  • Load your Infantry into your north Transport Copter
  • Load your north Transport Copter into your north Cruiser

Day 3

  • Advance your south Transport Copter dropping your Mech into the Woods
    • Move one space north and then east to avoid the traps
    • If you get trapped, reset your turn
  • Attack the enemy Submarine with your north Cruiser
  • Hide your Battleship

Day 4

  • Activate Sami’s CO Power
  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your Mech
  • Advance your Transport Copter to protect your Mech
  • For Power Rating:
    • Destroy the enemy Submarine with your south Cruiser
    • Destroy the enemy Battleship with your Battleship

Day 5

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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