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Classic Campaign – Mission 21A: Battle Mystery! (Andy)

Andy must find the hidden lander among the sea of enemies.

Mission Strategy

For all of the Green Earth maps, you will be able to choose between all three of the Orange Star COs. Each CO has an entirely different map. Unlike the original game, you do not need to do certain missions as certain COs to unlock Drake and Eagle. Both Green Earth COs are unlocked by beating the missions with any CO.

This is the last battle against Drake, the navy specialist. Not only are his sea units strong, they also have +1 movement range and +2 stars of defense. His CO Power does 1 damage to all enemies (but cannot kill) and removes half of their current fuel. All of his units also gain +10% defense during his CO Power.

This mission has a unique victory condition. All you need to do to win is find Drake’s only Lander and destroy it. Nell suspects it is hidden in one of the Reefs.

You can destroy Drake’s Lander in two ways. You can win the sea battle and take it out with your Battleship or Submarines. You can also land your ground forces and use your Rockets and tanks to take it out because luckily the enemy Lander is in a Reef that is adjacent to a land tile.

  • Power Goal: 2 or More
  • Technique Goal: 3 or Fewer

Destroy the Enemy Lander: Since you can’t reach Drake’s HQ, and clearing all of Drakes forces would require you to destroy the enemy Lander anyway, this is the only path to victory.

Drake’s Lander is located in the Reef closest to his HQ. This Reef is adjacent to a Bridge, so you can spot it from the land and the sea. Your Medium Tank or Tanks can destroy it slowly, but your Rockets, Battleship, or Submarines will take it out faster.

Your sea forces will face most of Drake’s navy in the very tight pass to the north. This will give you a chance to trap or block Drake’s units. Have your Battleship prioritize the enemy Cruisers, your Cruisers aim for the enemy Submarines, and your Submarines go after the enemy Battleships.

Once you get through the north choke point, you have one more hidden enemy Submarine to deal with. It is hidden in the other Reef nearby. If your ground forces have made it that far, you can use them to spot it, or even take it out.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Load your Medium Tank and one of your Tanks into your east Lander
  • Advance your east Lander, dropping the Medium Tank east and the Tank south
  • Load your Rockets and Recon into your west Lander
  • Advance your west Lander

Day 2

  • Attack the enemy Recon with your Tank
  • Advance your Medium Tank
  • Move your east Lander to safety
  • Advance your other Lander, dropping your Recon east and your Rockets south

Day 3

  • Attack the enemy Tank with your Medium Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Recon with your Tank
  • Advance your Recon and Rockets

Day 4

  • Advance your Recon to spot the enemy Tanks
  • Attack the uninjured south enemy Tank with your Medium Tank
  • Advance your Rockets

Day 5

  • Activate Andy’s CO Power
  • Advance your Recon to spot the enemy Lander
  • Attack the enemy Lander with your Rockets

Day 6

  • For Power Rating:
    • Destroy the south enemy Tank with your Medium Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Lander with your Rockets


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