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Classic Campaign – Mission 18S: Captain Drake! (Sami)

Sami sets sail to capture cities before Drake’s troops can flood in.

Mission Strategy

For all of the Green Earth maps, you will be able to choose between all three of the Orange Star COs. Each CO has an entirely different map. Unlike the original game, you do not need to do certain missions as certain COs to unlock Drake and Eagle. Both Green Earth COs are unlocked by beating the missions with any CO.

This is the first battle against Drake, the navy specialist. Not only are his sea units strong, they also have +1 movement range and +2 stars of defense. His CO Power does 1 damage to all enemies (but cannot kill) and removes half of their current fuel. All of his units also gain +10% defense during his CO Power.

This mission has an additional victory condition. You can capture 15 properties to win. Sami does not start with a Base or Port, so you’ll need to land your Infantry or Mechs soon onto the north part of the center island to start creating units.

The weather can change randomly in this map. Rain will reduce Fog of War visibility while also increasing movement cost for Tread and Tire units in Woods and Plains. Snow, as seen by Olaf’s CO Power, will increase movement cost in most terrain (not roads and properties) for all units.

  • Power Goal: 3

Capture 15 Properties: This is the intended way to win this mission. You will need hold onto your initial properties while capturing the entire north part of the island. After you own the north, you will need to take one single property away from Drake, most likely on the south side of the island.

Even though your Mechs can cross the Mountains, Drake will have a large force on the south side. It’s best to push the middle Woods with a Medium Tank backed up by indirect-fire units. move your Mechs along the Mountains to help spot for your Rockets and Artillery, as many enemies will end up hidden in the central Woods.

HQ Capture: HQ capture is possible, but requires a lot of AI manipulation and a little bit of luck. The Turn by Turn Walkthrough below uses a southern sea rush to capture the enemy HQ, but any weather will mess up the strategy. you will also need to stop the enemy from capturing 15 properties if you are focused on an HQ capture.

Once you reach Drake’s HQ, remember that his Battleship hidden in the Reef north of the Bridge can attack units on his HQ. If you start the capture at full health, his Battleship’s attack alone will not stop Sami from finishing the capture next turn. You’ll just need to protect your capturing unit from his other forces.

Defeat All Enemies: By the time you would defeat all of Drake’s forces, you could have easily captured 15 properties. Especially as Sami who prioritizes Mechs. Since Mechs can attack and capture properties, there should be no reason to aim for this victory condition. If you do, know that Drake has a Battleship hidden in the Reef north of the Bridge by his HQ.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • The weather in this map is random
    • Rain can manipulate the enemy AI in unexpected ways
    • Snow will slow you down and will likely mess up the strategy
    • If you get rain or snow, you will likely need to reset

Day 1

  • Load both of your Mechs into the Lander they can reach
  • Load your Tank and Medium Tank into the other Lander
  • Advance both of your Submarines, Diving them
  • Advance your Rockets (manipulates AI), Landers, Cruiser, and Battleship

Day 2

  • Advance your Submarines
  • Advance your south Lander (with the tanks) to just north of your west Submarine
  • Advance your Cruiser, Lander, and Battleship

Day 3

Getting snow or rain on this day will mess up the strategy, as you will not be able to slip your Landers past Drake’s Battleship. If you get either of these weathers, you can either reset or hang back out of the Battleship’s range for an extra turn. Just know that if weather slows you down, the enemies at Drakes HQ will be different.

  • Attack the enemy Cruiser with your Battleship
  • Destroy the enemy Cruiser with your Submarine
  • Attack the enemy Submarine with your Cruiser
  • Attack the enemy Battleship with your other Submarine (you won’t be able to see it if there is rain)
  • Advance your Landers

Day 4

  • Advance your east Lander, dropping the Tank onto the Plain and the Medium Tank onto the Beach
  • Attack the enemy Battleship with your south Submarine
  • Retreat your Cruiser
  • Attack the enemy Mech with your Battleship (for Power Rating)
  • Advance your other Lander and other Submarine

Day 5

  • Attack the enemy Tank with your Medium Tank from the north
  • Advance your Tank to block the enemy Base
  • Attack the enemy Cruiser with your Battleship
  • Advance your Lander, dropping the Mech onto the enemy Base

Day 6

  • Activate Sami’s CO Power
  • Destroy the injured enemy Tank with your injured Mech
  • Advance your Medium Tank to block the Bridge
  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with your uninjured Mech
  • For Power Rating:
    • Destroy the enemy Mech with your Battleship
    • Destroy the enemy Battleship with your Submarine

Day 7

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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