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Classic Campaign – Mission 16: Sami Marches On!

When Sami faces off against Sonja, someone is going to get schooled!

Mission Strategy

This mission is your second against Sonja, the Fog of War specialist. all of her units have +1 vision range in Fog of War. Also, during her CO Power, all of her units gain an additional +1 vision range and can see into Woods/Reefs like they were normal tiles.

Additionally, you will not be able to see the current health value of her units. You’ll need to keep track of how much you have injured enemies. A good way to get some more intel is to enable battle animations, if you normally have them turned off.

In addition to defeating all enemies and capturing the enemy HQ, you can also win this mission by capturing a total of 16 properties before Sonja does. HQs, Cities, Bases, and Seaports all count toward this property goal.

Unlike the Kanbei equivalent, both you and Sonja can produce land and sea units, making this mission potentially more difficult if you fall behind in income.

  • Power Goal: 3

Capture 16 Properties: This is the intended and easiest way to win this mission. You will just need to capture the north and south island, leaving Sonja’s main island entirely alone.

If you own the sea, her Landers should have no chance of reaching the north island. If you block the bridge to the south and continue to produce forces from the south Base, she should have no chance of recapturing the south island either. Hold those two spots and you’ll eventually capture enough properties to win.

HQ Capture: While possible, Sonja has a strong force on her main island. Most of those forces will move to the south to fight you there, but Sonja also has her Bases and Seaports directly next to her HQ. This means that even if you clear the starting units, you’ll still need to deal with the new units she is making.

The best way to clear the enemy HQ is to win the sea battle. Once you own the sea, bring battleships to clear the enemies that are spawning at her Bases, giving you room to land your Mechs/Infantry. If you have a good number of Submarines and Cruisers, consider leaving her Seaports open so that you can use your sea units to clear her income.

Defeat All Enemies: Similar to HQ capture, this will take more effort than just capturing 16 properties. Most of her main island units will move to attack your forces to the south when they land. You can use the bridge to block out her Medium Tank and Rockets, and then reinforce your strike force with the southern Base.

Have your sea units clear the north, using your submarine to spot land units for your Battleship. Land a few Infantry or Mechs to capture the north island properties and to spot the enemy Artillery in the Woods

Your land forces to the south and sea forces to the north can then converge on her HQ and spawning units. Even focusing on destroying all enemies, you’ll likely still capture 16 properties before you finish though.

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

  • Like most Fog of War maps, the order you do things affects the enemy AI
    • Make sure to do each step in the correct order or enemies may move differently than expected

Day 1

  • Advance your Submarine and Dive it
  • Attack the enemy Tank with your Battleship
  • Load your Mechs and Infantry into the Landers they can reach
  • Advance your south Lander, dropping the Infantry east and the Mech south
  • Advance your north Lander, dropping the Infantry north and the Mech east
  • Advance your Cruiser
  • Build two Infantry and your Bases

Day 2

  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your Rockets
  • Destroy the enemy Cruiser with your Battleship
  • Advance your north Lander
  • Load your new east Infantry into the Lander
  • Advance your other new Infantry
  • Start capturing properties with your other Infantry and Mechs (making sure to use your north Infantry for the north City)
  • Advance your Submarine

Day 3

  • Finish capturing the four properties
  • Attack the enemy Submarine with your Cruiser
  • Load your west Infantry into the loaded Lander
  • Advance your loaded Lander, dropping one Infantry north and one west
  • Advance your Battleship and Submarine

Day 4

  • Start capturing the south Seaport with your south Mech
  • Advance your north Mech to Spot the enemy Artillery
  • Attack the enemy Artillery with your Battleship
  • Start capturing the north west neutral City with your north Infantry
  • Start capturing the neutral Base with your east Infantry
  • Start capturing the south neutral City with your last Infantry
  • Attack the enemy Battleship with your Submarine
  • For Technique and Power Rating
    • Retreat your South Infantry
    • Build a Mech at your south Base

Day 5

  • Activate Sami’s CO Power
  • For Power Rating (3)
    • Attack the south enemy Tank with your new south Mech
    • Destroy the enemy Tank with your south capturing Mech
    • Destroy the enemy Artillery with your Battleship
    • Destroy the enemy Battleship with your Submarine
  • Finish capturing all properties
  • Start capturing the last neutral City with your Mech

Day 6

  • Finish capturing the last two properties


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