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Classic Campaign – Mission 1: Tank Ops!

Olaf has occupied Coral Fortress with a prized unit in tow. Take this opportunity to show Andy the ropes… and tanks!

Mission Strategy

This mission is mostly straightforward until you face the Medium Tank at the end. Focus on keeping your units alive and topped off, prioritizing good match ups and attacking from defensive positions. There are two effective strategies to win this mission:

  • HQ Capture: You can get an Infantry into position south of the enemy HQ that is just out of range of the Medium Tank. This means you will only need to block the Medium Tank from attacking your Infantry for one turn. This can be done several ways:
    • Moving a Mech or Infantry onto the bridge from the river
    • Dropping an Infantry with an APC to block the bridge
    • Sacrificing your APC or Tank to block the bridge
    • Surrounding your HQ capturing Infantry
  • Defeat the Medium Tank: You can kill the Medium Tank with the right units at high enough health, namely your Artillery, Tank, and two Mechs. Pull the Medium Tank into range of your units by putting an Infantry unit in range. Weaken it with your Artillery. Finish it off with your Tank and Mechs

Turn by Turn Walkthrough

Day 1

  • Attack the enemy Tank with your Tank
  • Load the northern Mech into the APC
  • Drop the Mech off onto the city, placing your APC as a bait for the enemy Tank
  • Move your Artillery into position on the river
  • Advance your other Mech and Infantry

Day 2

  • Fire your Artillery at the enemy Artillery
  • Destroy the enemy Tank with your Tank
  • Destroy the enemy Artillery with your Mech
  • Move your APC onto city to bait the enemy Tank
  • Advance your other Mech and Infantry

Day 3

  • Use Nell’s CO Power
  • Fire your Artillery at the enemy Tank
  • Destroy the injured enemy Infantry with your southern Mech
  • Move your Tank to the road to attack the enemy Infantry
  • Hide your APC
  • Destroy the enemy tank with your northern Mech
  • ONLY MOVE YOUR NORTHERN INFANTRY EAST TWO SPACES (manipulates enemy Mech to move into river)
  • Advance your other three Infantry

Day 4

  • Attack the enemy Mech in the river with your eastern Infantry from the mountains
  • Finish off enemy river Mech with your northern Infantry
  • Attack the enemy Mech with your tank
  • Finish the enemy Mech with your injured Mech
  • Position your APC just south of your Tank
  • Move the remaining Infantry toward bridge

Day 5

  • Move your uninjured Infantry into APC
  • Drop off the APC Infantry within range of the enemy HQ but out of range of the Medium Tank
  • Move your mountain infantry into the river

Day 6

  • Block the Medium Tank with your river Infantry (don’t attack)
  • Start capturing the enemy HQ with eastern Infantry

Day 7 – Victory

  • Finish capturing the enemy HQ


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