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Steel Path: Magnacidium – Lephantis (Solo)

This guide will show you the easiest way to defeat Lephantis in Steel Path Magnacidium. This boss is one of the most durable enemies you’ll face on the Steel Path, but this build will make the fight quick and easy.


  • Titania’s Razorwing (#4)
  • Build for Pistol damage
  • Titania’s Dex Pixia: Crit, Corrosive, Punch Through

Boss Mechanics

The Steel Path Lephantis fight doesn’t add any new mechanics to the normal Lephantis fight.

Lephantis is immune to Status Effects. It also has the unique ability to reduce the amount of damage Tenno can do in a single shot, making hard hitting single shots ineffective.

Lephantis has two phases. During the first phase, Lephantis will be hidden underground. One of its three heads will break through the ground to attack the Tenno, giving you a chance to damage it. Each head has a unique weak point, designated by a pinkish color. These weak points are immune to even punch through unless the head is attacking. The heads do not share health. Each head has the entire health pool of phase two Lephantis, so this phase will take much longer than the second phase.

Once you defeat each of the three heads, you will go to the next phase. Lephantis will be standing in the middle of the room, with each of its three heads from phase one attached to a single body. Each head will have a third of the health it had in phase one. Being in front of a head will encourage it to attack, revealing that head’s weak point. Defeating each of the heads one more time will win the fight.

The Build


Many Warframe abilities target the main body of Lephantis, dealing no damage. For instance, Mesa’s Peacemakers (#4) and Octavia’s Mallet (#1) will do no damage to Lephantis. Therefore, this strategy uses Titania to bring a powerful, energy-reliant weapon to the fight. Razorwing (#4) also helps avoid most damage from the Infected adds and Lephantis itself. This build focuses on buffing the damage of Dex Pixia, Titania’s exalted pistols, through ability power while maintaining Razorwing as long as possible through ability duration.


Because of Lephantis’s ability to reduce single packets of damage, high damage single-shot weapons are not effective. Lephantis also has a huge health pool, further augmented by Steel Path buffs. Therefore, Dex Pixia (Titania’s pistols) are the perfect choice for this fight. They deal small packets of damage and have unlimited ammo, as long as you have the energy.

Lephantis is weakest to Corrosive, so a +90% of Toxin and Electricity will be the most damage. Also, a bit of Punch Through will make hitting the weak spots easier during each head’s attack animation. Though even with Punch Through, you won’t be able to damage them if the head isn’t attacking.

Steel Path Lephantis Strategy

Run past all of the Infested enemies to Lephantis’s arena. Most Infested enemies are melee attackers, so bullet jumping should avoid most damage.

Titania’s Razorwing (#4) will make you very hard to hit, nearly invalidating most mechanics of the fight. Just float above the arena and wait for a head to show its weak spot. Unload on the pink weak spot with Dex Pixia. Punch Through should allow you to hit the exposed weak spot even if other parts of the head get in the way. Just keep shooting the heads as they appear, keeping yourself topped off on energy with Energy Restores or Energizing Dash if needed.

The second phase will be much faster than the first. Like phase one, maintain Razorwing for the entire fight to avoid damage. Float in front of one of the heads to encourage it to attack, revealing its weak spot. There’s not much more to worry about, just keep your energy high and aim for the pink spots.

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