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Steel Path: Merrow – Kela De Thaym (Solo)

This guide will show you the easiest way to defeat Kela De Thaym in Steel Path Merrow.


  • Octavia’s Mallet (#1) for damage
  • Octavia’s Metronome (#3) for stealth
  • Operator Void Form to avoid missiles

Boss Mechanics

The Steel Path Merrow doesn’t add any new mechanics to the normal fight.

Kela De Thaym is the boss of Merrow on Sedna. Once reaching her arena, you wil need to stand on the glowing spots and shoot 4 green indicators as a disk spins around blocking them. This mechanic will be a part of the fight as well.

Kela alternates between two phases. In the first phase, the damage phase, she will teleport around the room, shooting missiles at you. She can be damaged normally, but like all Steel Path enemies, she will take a lot longer to kill than normal. Once she reaches a 2/3 and 1/3 of her health, she will disappear, starting the second phase. In her later attack phases, she will use more tricks to deal damage and avoid damage, but these changes are not relevant to this strategy.

Her second phase, the button phase, will light the four circles on the middle platform. Standing on these circles will activate the spinning button object (the same object used to start the fight) on the nearest wall. Activating all four will move her back to phase one, allowing her to be damaged again. Kela will also fire missiles at you during this phase. You can see the countdown for missiles at the top of your screen. The outer platforms will activate traps, but the center platform will be safe.

The Build

The strategy uses an Octavia focused on range and strength. The range is the most important, as it is required to hit the entire arena with Mallet. Strength is helpful too as it will make the fight faster. If you are low on efficiency, you may need to bring some energy restores or Energizing Dash from your Operator. You’ll be in stealth the entire mission, so survivability shouldn’t be an issue.

Weapon choice is mostly irrelevant as all of your damage will be coming from Mallet. Feel free to bring anything you are comfortable with to speed the fight up a bit. I do suggest an Ignis Wraith as your primary to make the circle buttons easy to do.

The Strategy

Start the mission with Metronome (#3) and crouch until invisible. Keep this invisibility up for pretty much the whole mission. Run past every enemy straight to the arena. Complete the spinning button to start the fight.

Toss your Mallet (#1) and Amp (#4) in the middle of the arena. Keep these up any time that Kela is vulnerable to damage. Stand on a corner platform while in stealth during the damage phase to avoid splash damage from explosions hitting your Mallet. Mallet damage will ramp up as Kela hits it, and affects the entire arena (with enough range).

In the button phase, go to and stay on the center platform. Stand on the glowing circles to complete the four buttons. When missiles are incoming, swap into Operator and go into Void Mode to avoid them completely. Once the buttons are complete, refresh your Mallet and Amp as needed and go back to a corner platform.

Repeat this for each damage and button phase and you’ll score your kill.

Steel Path Builds

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