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Volt Speed Build – Almost Too Fast

This build focuses on increasing your team’s movement speed using Volt’s ability Speed. This movement speed increase can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to complete certain mission types.

Volt Mods

The main focus of this build is ability strength to maximize the bonus movement speed. Ability range is limited in use in this build. With enough efficiency, you can just recast Speed when you are near an ally who is missing the buff.

Focus on strength first, then duration and efficiency

The final slots should be defensive mods like Vitality and Steel Fiber. You could also pick Armored Agility for a small sprint increase. For Arcanes, Consequence and Agility support the idea of going fast, decreasing the amount of time needed to finish the mission.

Helminth Considerations

  • Saryn’s Molt further increases your movement speed
  • Valkyr’s Warcry further increases your party’s melee attack speed
  • Nezha’s Fire Walker will leave behind damaging fire as you run


Melee Weapon

With Speed’s increase, you melee weapon will be your main focus. For low level content, melee weapon range and attack speed are the most important. Mod your melee weapon for range and attack speed with mods like Reach, Fury, and Berserker.

Whips make a good choice as they will hit large areas and get you back to sprinting as fast as possible. If you have it, the Secura Lecta is a great choice as it should be more than enough power with the added benefit of increased credits.

Main and Secondary Weapons

You will be moving very quickly with this build, making accuracy weapons less effective. Weapons like Ignis Wraith or Kuva Nukor will allow for your shots to be close enough while still effecting multiple enemies.

Speed Build Usage

This build focuses on maximizing speed to minimize downtime between groups of enemies. This speed is at the expense of damage and energy efficiency. It is best used in low level content where your other abilities are unnecessary and enemies are dying quickly and efficiently to your team’s damage.

Start the mission with a speed and try to maintain it on your entire party, recasting it when your group is together. You can also recast the ability early if you missed a team member with the last cast. When playing in a groups, remember that you are only as fast as your team. If you get the extraction well before anyone else, you’ll have to wait for at least one other person to catch up. If you and another team member make it to extraction before the slowest team member, you’ll be waiting at least an extra minute.

Remember that Speed also buffs your melee attack speed, making melee attacks the preferred source of damage for this build. A wide reaching melee weapon can clear a room quickly, stacking combo counter fast for any really tanky foes.

Best Mission Types

This build excels at speeding up movement speed, but won’t effect timer speeds; any mission with a timer will not benefit much from this build, other than the melee increase. Therefore, aim to use this build for missions that don’t have timers.

Mission types like Capture, Exterminate, Rescue, Spy, most Sabotages, and some Assassinations are good candidates for this speed build. These types of missions are also the best choice when farming Void Relics.

Remember that this build should be used if you are killing enemies quickly, or ignoring them entirely. If you are taking a while to kill enemies, it is likely more advantageous to bring a damage focused Warframe instead.


This amount of speed can be too much for some players, actually slowing them down as they run into walls and doors. If you find that you are moving too fast, reduce the amount of ability strength in favor of duration and efficiency.