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Volt Discharge AoE Build – Elite Sanctuary Onslaught and More

This build utilizes Volt’s excellent AoE ability, Discharge. Discharge will almost kill everything in a large area, even at high levels and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Those that it doesn’t kill will be stunned and left open to other damage sources.

Volt Discharge Mods

The main focus of this build is ability range. This will increase both the range of the initial cast and the numbers of enemies hit by the persisting DoT. After range, you should next invest in damage in the form of ability duration and strength. Because Discharge leaves a DoT on enemies, duration increase the total amount of damage dealt. Efficiency is least important, as you will hopefully be killing enough enemies to recharge after every cast.

Range > Duration & Strength > Efficiency

Discharge is not great at killing Grineer. Discharge deals Electricity damage, which is mostly ineffective against Grineer. The reduced armor from Corrosive Projection will help address this issue. It also helps your team damage Grineer and other armored threats.

For the final mod slot, Energy Conversion will further increase the amount of damage you deal in high level content. Capacitance can be a good defensive option to keep your team’s shields topped off. Flow can make energy a bit smoother since you won’t be capped on energy as often. Finally, a simple defensive option like Vitality is always good.

For Arcanes, Energize is highly suggested to help with the energy issues this build has.



Weapons will not be too important for this build, as almost all of your damage will come from Discharge. However, you will sometimes be short on energy and forced into using your weapons. Since this build is best utilized in AoE situations, an AoE weapon, like Amprex or Nukor, would be a good choice.

You can also make this build more versatile by bringing a powerful single target weapon to deal with tanky enemies not killed by Discharge. Weapons like shotguns and bows do well at single targets; try the Tigris or the Kuva Bramma.

Energy Recharge

This build is very energy dependent. Energy Restores will help a lot in missions types where you can use them. If you have unlocked the operator, you should also bring Energizing Dash from Zenurik (don’t look this up if you have not completed the main quest “The Second Dream”). As suggested in the mods section, Arcane Energize also helps with the energy issues of this build.


To use this build efficiently, you will need to focus on making every cast count. If you spam Discharge, you will quickly run out of energy. To help know when the time is right, bring Animal Instinct on your companion to show enemies nearby. Only Discharge when you will get good use out of its massive AoE.

Discharge Build Usage

This is a very simple build to play effectively. The biggest issue is maintaining your energy. Having a Trinity on your team casting Energy Vampire will help keep you topped off.

However, even without a steady energy supply, this build can still be effective if you time your Discharge well. In Sanctuary Onslaught, do not spam fast enough to trigger the cooldown for ability spamming. In all mission types, try to only cast Discharge when many enemies are nearby or have just spawned. This can be easier to see with enemy radar from mods like Animal Instinct.

Best Mission Types for Discharge

Large groups of enemies are the best use for this build, preferably spawning at a known interval. Sanctuary Onslaught, Defense, Mobile Defense, Survival, Interception, Defection, and some Sabotage are good choices for this build.

The build can be adapted to more run-and-gun missions like Exterminate. Focus a bit more on efficiency so that you can use Discharge more often. Use enemy radar to decide when it is best to use Discharge.