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Volt – The Master of Speed and Electricity

  • Overview
  • Abilities
  • Builds
    • Speed
    • Electric Shield
    • Discharge

Volt Overview

Volt can create and harness electrical elements. This is a high-damage Warframe perfect for players looking for a potent alternative to gunplay.

In-Game Codex

Volt General Playstyle

Volt’s gameplay is very versatile; he plays very differently depending on how you build him.

Perhaps his most iconic playstyle is as a team speed buffer. He can increase the movement speed of all nearby players, allowing the team to move quicker through low level content. By investing in ability power, the amount of speed you can give to your party can quickly become almost too much. Tight corridors are common in many tile sets, minimizing the usefulness of maxed out speed.

Volt also brings a very unique defensive option. The shields he places down, while limited in size, also double as a damage increase when fired through by allies. These shields absorb an infinite amount of damage and the damage increase they provide to allies scales based on weapon damage, keeping them relevant even at high levels.

Finally, Volt is potentially one of the most powerful AoE Warframes in the game. Affecting a huge area, dealing notable damage, and CCing effected enemies, Discharge still finds uses even against high level foes.


Volt is one of the choices for your first Warframe. If you do not pick him as you starter, his blueprints can be purchased from the Tenno Research Lab in a Clan Dojo that has completed the research. Finally, you can purchase him from Teshin after obtaining Typhoon rank in the Conclave.

Volt Prime has higher base armor and energy. Like most Prime Warframes, you can earn his blueprints through the Void Relic system.


Unlike many of the original Warframes, Volt still maintains his relevancy well into the endgame. He fulfills roles in both farm content and high end content with a diverse set of build types while still being the top choice for his specific niches, making Volt a great overall Warframe.