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Limbo Build: Syndicate Medallion Hunter

This Limbo build is great for farming Syndicate Medallions quickly and efficiently. It uses Cataclysm to break containers identified by Loot Radar. The normal loot is collected quickly using Vacuum, leaving only the Medallions and other rare loot on the map.

What Are Syndicate Medallions

Syndicate Medallions are small items picked up off the ground in Syndicate Missions. Up to eight (8) can be found in each associated mission. Similar to Ayatans, you need to stand near them and press a button to loot them; they are not gathered by running over them or absorbing them with Vacuum.

Syndicate Medallions can be exchanged with their associated Syndicate for standing with that Syndicate. The amount of standing you earn is based on the rarity of the insignia: 500, 1000, or 5000 Standing each. Insignia turn-ins bypass the daily Syndicate standing limit.

How to Farm Syndicate Medallions

Syndicate Medallions spawn in “rare” loot spawn locations. These spawn locations are also where you find Ayatan Statues, Caches, and rare crates. The locations are specific to each tile (room), and with some practice you will learn where they can spawn in any given tile. Until that point though, this build will help in clearing out the noise by looting every container as fast as possible, leaving only the Medallions.

Loot Radar (from Thief’s Wit, Loot Detector, or Animal Instinct) makes Syndicate Medallions show up on the map, but they are indistinguishable from other loot types, showing simply as a small box. Therefore, the best way to identify where a medallion is is to loot everything else. The rectangles that are left will only be Medallions, Ayatan Statues or Caches (on Sabotage missions).

Loot on the Map

Clearing Containers and Other Loot

This build focuses on clearing out containers and all other loot as fast as possible. Utilizing his Cataclysm ability (#4), Limbo can destroy containers in a huge area, often clearing multiple rooms in a single cast. With his high movement speed coupled with Vacuum from his companion, the only boxes that will remain on the map will be the Medallions you are looking for.

Start a Syndicate mission and open up your map (default ‘M’). Cast Cataclysm and quickly cancel it by pressing the button again whenever you see a large amount of loot around you on the map. Once all the containers have been destroyed, run past and vacuum in all the loot, leaving no map rectangles behind.

If you pay close attention to when the cast goes off, you can tell which rectangles are containers, as they will disappear briefly and then possibly reappear if they produced loot. The rectangles that were within your Cataclysm but did not disappear are either Syndicate Medallions, Ayatan Statues, Caches (in Sabotage missions), or loot that was already on the ground.

Check all doors/exits from the current tile (room) that are NOT marked with your objective and clear them of loot to be sure you don’t miss any Medallions. Sometimes, objectives can have you double back on yourself after completing a task, so don’t follow potential side paths more than 2-3 tiles before doing the objective.

Warframe Build: Limbo

Limbo’s build focuses on maximum Range with a good amount of Efficiency. It also includes a large amount of Loot Radar to help you identify areas you have not cleared. Alongside that, Casting Speed and Movement Speed generally speed up the process, leading to quicker clears.

Either Loot Detector or Thief’s Wit can be exchanged out for something else if you feel that you have enough Loot Radar, especially if you are running Animal Instinct on your companion. Consider bringing Master Thief to score a bit of extra loot since Medallion hunting will take you past most of the containers in the map.

Companion Build: Carrier

The Carrier is picked as the companion because of its unique Precept Mod Looter. This precept allows the Carrier to break nearby containers for you that you may have missed with Cataclysm. This ability works even while the frame is in the Rift Plane, meaning it can destroy containers without putting Limbo at risk. Animal Instinct and Vacuum are also integral to this build, as they ease in the loot collection process.

Limbo Syndicate Medallion Hunting Tips

  • While not actively interacting with an object (like a Medallion or an objective), keep Limbo in the Rift Plane to avoid damage and regenerate energy
  • Casting and canceling Cataclysm will kick Limbo out of the Rift Plane, so tap dodge to go back in after casting
  • Loot will not be picked up while in the Rift Plane, but it will be continuously pulled toward you if you have Vacuum
  • Picking up a Medallion will automatically mark it for team members; there is no need to mark it yourself
  • To guarantee maximum Medallions, consider doing Syndicate missions solo; Medallions looted prior to you joining will be gone and team members may extract before you are done searching