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Orb Vallis Fishing

Fishing in the Orb Vallis is the only way to obtain servofish. Servofish can be traded for Solaris United standing or dismantled into parts, which can be then used in crafting or traded with Ticker for Debt-Bonds.

Orb Vallis Fishing Locations

There are three types of spots that servofish can be found in Orb Vallis: Lakes, Ponds, and Caves. Lakes and Ponds are found above ground while cave fishing spots are found inside of certain caves around the map. Ponds also include what could also be called rivers. The difference is that rivers cannot contain hotspots, meaning they will never spawn hotspot specific Pond fish.

Orb Vallis Fishing Hotspots

Each fishing location type can contain hotspots. Hotspots generally spawn the rarer servofish. This spawn chance can be increased using bait. Hotspots are shown visually with bright circles of discoloration in the water.

Hotspots are not permanent, moving to other locations after a while. They generally spawn in open areas, away from the more “river-like” areas of ponds. You can use the Oxylus’s unique precept Scan Aquatic Lifeforms to show hotspots on the minimap.

Two Lake Hotspots

Warm and Cold Cycle

Orb Vallis does not have a day and night cycle. Instead, the area swaps between two temperatures: Warm and Cold. The Cold cycle is the most common, lasting 20 minutes, while the Warm cycle only lasts a bit over 6 minutes. You can tell what temperature Orb Vallis is currently in by looking at the indicator in the bottom right of the map or by selecting Orb Vallis from the orbiter.

Orb Vallis Fishing Bait

To catch the rarer servofish, you should use bait. This will greatly increase the chance of the associated types of servofish spawning. Common servofish can generally be caught without bait, but each has its own type of bait that will further increase its spawn chance.

Bait can be purchased for Solaris United standing from The Business in Fortuna. Remember that bait will only increase the spawn rate, not force spawns. You will also need to be in the right fishing spot and the right temperature for the type of servofish you are trying to catch. You may also need a hotspot for specific rare servofish.

How to Use the Shock Spears

You’ll want to use Shock Spears to catch servofish. You can use other types of spears, but they will damage the fish, reducing its standing value and the number of items you get for dismantling it. You can purchase Shock Spears from The Business in Fortuna. The Stunna requires the rank of Doer with Solaris United.

Both spears have a small minigame that activates one you hit your target with the spear. Pressing the fire button again when the reticle is inside the red will catch the fish. If you miss the red, the fish will get away. The Stunna has the added effect of stunning other servofish in the area on a successful catch. This stun also increases the effective red area for effected servofish.


Servofish have three rarities: Basic, Adorned, and Magnificent.

Servofish can be dismantled by selecting “Dismantle Servofish” at The Business in Fortuna. Every servofish will give an amount of scrap, depending on their species and rarity. Each species of servofish will also give a single unique item when dismantled, regardless of their rarity.

You can also trade servofish in for Solaris United standing by selecting “Provide Servofish” at The Business in Fortuna. The value of each fish is determined by their species and rarity.

Orb Vallis Fish Data

For a summary of important information about each servofish, you can download this Excel file, shown below.