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Nakak Pearl Farm – Dog Days Tactical Alert

Dog Days is a Tactical Alert in Warframe that pits you against the Grineer arena master Kela De Thaym’s best fighters… in a game of squirt guns. This guide will show you the easiest Nakak Pearl farm. This guide is also up to date with the nerf to the old solo pause glitch.

Dog Days Rewards

Alert Points

Before you worry about the later rewards, focus on finishing the point counter for the Tactical Alert. Each tier requires an increasing number of points. Every kill you (or your teammates) get in a match equates to 1 point. However, when you reach the max for a tier, any extra points you earn will not carry over. You will have to finish a minimum of four matches to earn every reward, though the last tier (200 points) may take a few rounds.

  • Tier 1: 25 Points – 50,000 Credits and Redeemer Abysso Skin
  • Tier 2: 50 Points – 50,000 Credits and Hydroid’s Relay Scene
  • Tier 3: 100 Points – 50,000 Credits and Hydroid Noggle Statue
  • Tier 4: 200 Points – Orokin Reactor and Stratos Emblem

Nakak Pearls

Each round of Dog Days also reward Nakak Pearls. The first three missions award a set amount of Nakak Pearls for a victory, while Mission 4 incentivizes kills by rewarding 1 extra pearl per point, on top of the base 50 for a victory.

These pearls are spent at Nakak in Cetus for a number of rewards, including mods normally dropped by Kela De Thaym. To find Nakak and spend your Nakak Pearls, travel to Cetus on Earth. Then use the fast travel to go right to Nakak.

  • Dog Days Exclusive
    • Beach Color Pallet – 70 Pearls
    • Dog Days Ephemera – 1 Pearl
    • Dog Days Emblem – 105 Pearls
    • Dog Days Sigil – 420 Pearls
    • Roller Floofs – 210 to 350 Pearls
    • Dog Days Captura Scene – 700 Pearls
    • Soaktron Rifle Skin – 490 Pearls
  • Kela De Thaym Mods – 140 Pearls Each
    • Electromagnetic Shielding
    • Vulcan Blitz
    • Hunter’s Bonesaw
    • Rift Strike
    • Nightwatch Napalm
    • Harkonar Scope
    • Fomorian Accelerant
    • Acid Shells
    • Medi-Ray

Easiest Nakak Pearl Farm

Do this farm solo! Your fellow Tenno will not be happy to have you do this farm in a public group.

Despite presumably being elite arena fighters, Kela De Thaym’s Executioners do not know how to aim up. You can use this to your advantage by gaining a small amount of height and essentially making yourself unkillable. The easiest spot to do this is the large tree in the middle of the map. Bullet jump up to one of the branches, and watch the enemies mindlessly scurry beneath you.

Once up there, pick one of them off to gain the lead. You can then go AFK for the remainder of the 5 minute duration. You will be awarded 50 pearls per victory, even if you only get 1 kill. You can get extra by killing more off, but if you plan on actually fighting, just join up with your fellow Tenno in a public match to increase your gains.

Make the Most of This Time

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